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  • Watch all the series in order.

    This is about the DVD's only; I have never read the books! If you love Harry Potter and have seen the other films you'd likely give this 5 stars. First you need to see part one of "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS" before you watch this. As a stand alone (that is: "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS" parts I & II) These films are 'dark' and a bit depressing [much like Frodo going into Mordor and Mt. Doom]. Thus the reason I give 3 stars. The good part of it being so dark is that it is not the normal Hollywood story and ending. I say: "Film Noir is- 'Nohting good will ever come from this." Maybe good triumphs but all will be scarred for life and will always have a black stain they carry with them. If the day comes that you are ready to watch the Harry Potter films You should watch all 8 films in a quick succession [say, one each night for 8 nights. Most will be glad that they did. REVIEW: "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS- I & II" are a dark tale which starts with 3 brothers cheating death at a place called the Deathly Hallows. Death gives them 3 gifts- like a Djinn gives gifts. When this part of the film come into play the Deathly Hallows, part, is as told like/as a fairy tale. Then we jump to some future time. We meet a disturbed guy- Tom Riddle. Tom decides that he is best suited to rule the world- wizards, normal humans, and half breeds. In his paranoia he puts bits of his essence into objects 'horcruxes'. Thus if he is killed there remains a link to the world, so that he can come back. We see Tom's (aka: Lord Voldemort)followers attempt to bring all of the horcruxes together. This will allow him to achieve full form and power. And to find the 3 peaces of the Deathly hallows, so that he may cheat death. As Tom's force gain power and size through terror they show their Progressive philosophy (We know about how to make a perfect society and world, you don't. So, you shut up, sit back, and let us have our way. All will be perfect and happy when we're done.) Their adversary's are "The Order Of the Phoenix" Which includes Harry Potter and friends. Harry and friends decide that their action is to hunt and destroy horcruxes. As they are off searching, the battle between good and evil is going to take place at Hogwarts's. This DVD has my second favorite Harry Potter scene: the Griffindor sword/dragon scene at Gringold's. The final battle takes place, many are lost, much is destroyed, and an outcome is achieved. If you don't like or want to see Harry Potter Then don't watch. If you'd like to see Harry Potter then Watch it in order [over a short period of time]. "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS- I & II", are dark and close to depressing. Definitely no Hollywood story or ending here! All of the series are top notch in: acting, directing, script, plot, story, ... The order: 1- H. P. and the sorcerer's stone 2- The Chamber of Secrets 3- The Prisoner of Azkaban 4- The Goblet of Fire 5- The Order of the Phoenix [scene 29 best scene in series] 6- The Half Blood Prince [probably my favorite] 7 & 8- "THE DEATHLY HALLOWS- I & II"

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