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  • soundtrack
    Verified Purchase

    incredible flick with a must own soundtrack

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  • Sentimental favorite with great songs
    Verified Purchase

    I have loved this movie since it came out, being a fan of this singer/songwriter genre. I catch it often when it is shown on T.V., and thought it was time to own my personal copy. Last half in CA falters, but first half and end are more than worth the price of admission, with a great performance by Illeana Douglas. Highly recommend for those who love this kind of music and story, or just take a chance!

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  • Must See

    The package arrived promptly and in good order. This movie definitely flew under the radar. Illeana Douglas is brilliant in it. What a cast! John Turturro, Eric Stoltz and Matt Dillon to name a few. One woman's heartfelt musical journey from the east coast to the west coast. This movie was so well conceived that it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction. If you grew up with the likes of Carole King and the Beach Boys, you do not want to miss this movie. My teenage daughter loves it too. You will be watching it over, and over, and over again...

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