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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Gouldian Finch Care
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    I have 16 gouldian finches but did not have a book detailing their care requirements - nutrition, housing, illnesses, breeding, etc. - so needed one, and this book fit the bill. It has excellent ratings on the other sites where I had been looking, not realizing that Overstock carried pet care books, so as soon as I saw it was available here (and for less than elsewhere), I didn't hesitate to purchase it. It is an excellent guide filled with an extensive amount of information from feeding to genetics and breeding to building aviaries, in writing, "blueprint" drawings, and an abundance of pertinent photographs (especially concerning the different color variations). "Gouldian Finches:" provides all of the essential information - and beyond - that a keeper or breeder of Lady Gould, a/k/a gouldian, finches needs to keep these sweet little "living works of art" happy and thriving. I highly recommend the book.

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