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  • Gilad Quick Fit System CDs
    Verified Purchase

    Clearly presented and formatted. Print material supports the cd's in the Gilad Quick Fit System. Easy to follow sessions with constructive suggestions by Gilad. The schedule suggested is extremely reasonable and doable. I have had trouble losing pounds. This excercise system plus some reasonable modifications to my eating habits (also suggested in the print materials which come with the cd's) has helped me lose 8 lbs. in four weeks while feeling energized and fit. I am very satisfied!

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  • Gilad Quick Fit System
    Verified Purchase

    The dvd's are easy to follow, Gil makes the exercies easy to understand and fun. I like that he focuses on form, and keeps you aware of your body placement. I am sore, and tired, but feel like I am starting to show results already. The lower body workout, hips, thighs & buns is killer!!!

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  • Excellent Exercise System

    I have had this system for almost 2 years. It is wonderful, Gilad keeps you motivated (not bad to look at either). He encourages you, tells you the correct form and counts the reps. There are 3 low impact and 4 specific toning. These are great for when one doesn't have an entire hour to devote to exercise. Buy this, you will find youself looking forward to exercising. Thanks Gilad

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  • Gilad is Superb
    Verified Purchase

    excellent if you want to loose weight and stay healthy...easy to moderate to intense...well planned and coordinated - easy to follow and you actually have fun exercising!!

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  • Good Workout
    Verified Purchase

    This is a good workout routine for the price. I almost ordered this set of CD's from Gilad's website. This is a much better price.

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