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    Ricky Gervais at his best, this series is even funnier than The Office in my humble opinion!

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  • The Name Says It ALL!!!!!
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    This product was GREAT! It came in a sturdy hard plastic casing, with the appropriate labels. This rugged plastic casing was then entombed in the government regulated "stiff paper outer shell".These labels let me know exactly what was inside the packaging in case I ever wanted to know. The case was easy to open too! When I did open it, to my amazement, there was not just one, but TWO "DVDs" neatly centered on the right hand side of the case. These were secured there by a plastic fastener and flippy thingamajig. Setup was super easy!!I just slid the disc into the disc player. (Be careful to only use one DVD disc at a time.) Voila!!! I like how it told me the running time in hours and minutes, so that I didn't have to convert 164minutes in my head. This product is very good and I would recommend it to others.

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