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  • Element:Tai Chi for Beginners
    Verified Purchase

    Although the background is loaded with beautiful scenery, I would have preferred having a mirror or a camera behind the instructor so that it would have been easier to follow his lead. When you are watching his movements and trying to follow it gets very confusing, especially when he is going at a fast speed for beginners. I got lost in the whether the movement is left or right etc. Too fast, too loaded with different steps, and confusing. Perhaps I will catch on eventually.

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  • Element=The Mind & Body Experience--Tai Chi for Be
    Verified Purchase

    As a beginner in the art of Tai Chi I find this to be a well made DVD. I was taking a class at the time I purchased this and found it helpful in training myself with many of the moves.

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  • Great for beginners
    Verified Purchase

    My college-age son wanted this because his track and field coach suggested he "do tai chi" to help his balance. He had never done this activity before. Great as a starting point into the sport with good explanations.

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  • Tai Chi tape
    Verified Purchase

    The music is soothing and the instructors voice is calming. The physical setting is affluent. (looks like a So-Cal estate and is on high ground overlooking the ocean) The demonstrator seems adept. One caveat: the insruction is a little thin for some of the more complicated forms. I have had to watch it several times and have not begun to master more than the first few forms. If you are slow to catch on to "choreography" as I am, there might be more effective material out there. Having nothing to compare it to, I would still buy it again knowing what I know.

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