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  • 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris . . .
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    is where this drama concludes. Oscar winner for best picture and costumes - 1920s fashion (think Downton Abbey). This is based on the true story of Eric Liddell (a committed Christian and son of missionaries to China), Harold Abrahams (a Jew), and several other British men who compete in the 1924 Olympics - against several featured Americans, who have gold medals from previous Olympics. I define this as my favorite movie of all time. It is an amazing story. Theologically conservative Christians who have not seen this have missed something very special.

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  • The Best
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    Tells the story of British runners in the 1924 Olympics, but centers on Harold Abrams (100 meters) and missionary to China Eric Liddell (400). Liddell refused to compete on Sunday as a matter of religious principle, causing the story to gain international interest. The matching of the soundtrack by Vangelis to the movies action, especially the running events, makes a great story into something far more. Anyone with an interest in the conflict between personal Christian conviction and the secular world will find this entertaining and inspirational.

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