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  • Micheal Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story
    Verified Purchase

    Who wouldn't like Michael Moore? And the price was right!

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  • Excellent Documentary
    Verified Purchase

    Great documentary of how politics play into how the poor and middle-class are getting ripped off. Loved it for it's exposure of such and accuracy!!!

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  • Capitalism: A Love Story

    A complete waste of time and money. Moore is a very rich man now, something he seems to hate in others. Hypocrit of the first order and a complete America Hater.. Don't waste your eyesight on this trash.

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  • Moore at his Best!
    Verified Purchase

    A must see, thought provoking, inspiring, humorous presentation of facts

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  • Michael Moore's BEST!
    Verified Purchase

    This movie really tells it like it is. Democrats and Republicans should enjoy this! It's not about parties,

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