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  • Had this as a child
    Verified Purchase

    This was my first cook book. The front pages finally fell out of mine. Happy to have a reprint. Excellent and fun gift for any child or adult learning to cook!

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  • Great for kids and young teens.
    Verified Purchase

    Betty Crocker has always been my favorite cookbooks. They very rarely needs ingredient modifications.

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  • Betty Crocker Cookbook for Kids
    Verified Purchase

    First time shopping on OS. Very impressed with their quick turn around time, and the fact that the shipping was so low was the bottom line that made me buy here. The price for this product was lower than other sites I checked on which made the purchase of this item making you feel like you had hit the sales in stores, but all from your computer at home. My grandson of 4 years LOVED this book. He tells everyone he wants to be a chef, so this particular book was exactly right for him. He has just about worn the pages thin after only a week, and my daugher has already helped him make a few of the recipes in it. This product was exactly what they said it was in the OS description, an exact replica of the 1957 book. I will now be doing a lot more shopping at, due to the quality of service and prices of my first shopping experience on their web site.

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