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  • Love 23
    Verified Purchase

    Love 24 and these DVD is often watched in my house.

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  • Another bad day...
    Verified Purchase

    I was originally against the show, just cause it didn't make much sense to me, how could so many things happen in one day, it's not possible. But after watching season 1, and then consectivly purchasing the following seasons, I've been hooked. Everytime you think you have the show figured out, something else happens... A main character gets hurt or killed, a tramatic plot twist, gut wrenching scenes, it's crazy. But it is a good show!

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  • 24-Season 5
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this for my husband who is an avid watcher of 24. This is his Father's Day present this year. There are times when he is not at a TV for the show and I always purchase the set for him to watch the ones he has not seen. He got me interested in the show and I intend to go back to the first season and get the whole scoop.

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  • Best show on TV

    This is by far the best show on TV. I have been following this show from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better and better. There where so many plot twists, as well as so many many people who shouldn't of died. =( But that's what makes for good TV. I had to get a DVR so so I could record the upcoming season. Because with my new schedule I would not be able to watch it on that time slot. The only draw back is that is is only 1 season per year. I actually have gotten so many other people hooked onto this show it's crazy. Highly Recommened

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  • Great T.V.!!!

    The 5th season is the best so far. They packed so much suspense into this season that it is unbelievable. From the first episode...who expected that? the last second ticking away, it kept you guessing! THE BEST SHOW ON T.V. IS 24! I buy all the seasons for my collection and it is money very well spent.

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