Birthday Parties for Kids

I've never been one to hold back on birthday parties. As a kid, I meticulously planned every detail of my own birthday parties, and each holiday in between, and now it's time to do the same for my son. To me, every birthday is huge cause for celebration, and it's the one day of the year when I can leave behind all concerns about spoiling him.


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  1. Keep it simple. It's easy to get carried away in the details of your child's party, but before you invest in a gourmet menu and customized cupcake toppers, take a step back. What will your child remember most about the party? Try not to get caught up in the details; your young party-goers won't realize the plates aren't the perfect shade of chartreuse. Focus on the birthday boy or girl, and let the rest fall into place.

  3. Don't plan (too far) ahead. Kids' interests change as quickly as the weather, and I've made the mistake of starting to plan a themed party too early, only to have my son become infatuated with a new superhero just before his party. It's best to wait, pick a theme a few weeks before the party, and stick to it. Whether you're hosting a dinosaur bash or a princess party, is full of classic party supplies, from novelty cake pans to favor boxes to piñatas, to help you pull off a kids' birthday party in a pinch.

  5. Ask for help! You only have two hands. On the big day, enlist a friend to help with party setup and cleanup, or ask them to jot down each gift received and who gave it. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest is full of helpful ideas: It's where I found the great idea for a beach-themed birthday cake for my son's pool party. Even something as simple as a cupcake stand can be a big help; your treats will double as a decoration, and you can skip the messy paper plates and utensils. Add some color-coordinated decorative paper pom-poms (the perfect accessory for a party of any theme) and you're ready to celebrate!


    When did you start throwing birthday parties for your kids? Do you have a rule on how many kids to invite? Do you like to go all-out or keep the party simple?



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