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  • daddy pillows
    Verified Purchase

    My husband died tragically and suddenly this summer. A few days after his death, my 5 year old daughter saw a commercial for this product and said "mommy , I want that, it's a daddy pillow" I proceeded to order 3- one for her, one for my 4 year old son , and one for myself. They have brought great comfort to me and my children during this horrible time. We dress them up in daddys shirts and we just tuck the extra sleeve into the arm. WE will be travelling with them soon. It was a great buy. recommend for anyone who lost someone or misses someone at night, not just a boyfriend.

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    mrstigawoo August 23, 2011
  • Keeps me company!

    I bought this pillow to keep my company on nights when my husband, a correspondent for the Trans-Alaskan News Network, was out of town. The pillow exceeded even my wildest expectations. I'm told the pillow was modeled after Brad Pitt, and I believe it! When I first nestled against the soft, but firm chest of my new "husband" I slept better than I ever had before. Now I don't mind when my husband goes out of town!

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    Cozy in Alaska June 7, 2006
    Verified Purchase

    best $$$ ever spent. My Dream Man is the best! He always lets me pick what we watch on TV, he supports me while studying, he helps me sleep, he never gets jealous, he doesn't care what I look like, he is there for me when I laugh or cry, I don't have to worry about texting him, he has everything he's ever imagined, he takes my abuse, he is the one I can count on to wrap his arm around me... I have recommended this pillow to all my single friends. If husbands are being deployed...great gift idea! -can wash his shirt with the rest of the laundry -only downfall is Dream Man ripped his bicep in the seem...I guess I got to rough with him in bed ;)

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    rachpoy June 12, 2012
  • Best pillow I've had

    I've slept on this pillow every night since I got it. I bought it to give my husband the "cold shoulder" for some long forgotten misdeed. However, was I surprised to find that this is the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned. I suffer from migraine headaches and have always had to arrange numerous pillows in an ever changing configuration to get a good, headache free sleep. However this pillow supports my head and neck perfectly with just the right amount of support. Now I just use this pillow and sleep well throughout the night. My only complaint is the lack of availabilty of replacement shirt pillow cases for when the original case is being washed. Of course regular pillow cases don't fit the pillow so I have to improvise (unsatisfactorily) with two pillow cases or immediately wash and replace my lone shirt case. The only other solution is to buy another pillow which is what I'm going to do.

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    bragin May 31, 2006
  • hilarious

    I bought this for myself just because it was so funny. I leave "him" on my couch. Everyone who see's "him" is like....what the heck is that?????? SO FUNNY.

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    cornster77 April 9, 2009

    Very good quality. "Took a chance" and purchased two of the "Hug Me" pillow. The ''arm'' actually has detailed contouring. Whatever side you sleep on does not matter, you can (easily) find a way to adjust the pillow. It doesn't matter why you need/want the pillow, what matters is you won't regret it. Very comfortable and comforting. On a one-to-ten scale, ten being high, I rate this product a high ten.

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    authenticopinion4u April 16, 2008
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I stumbled across this pillow while shopping and bought it thinking it might help me get a better night sleep. Let me tell you-THIS PILLOW IS AMAZING!!! I have never slept better--not only do I recommend it but I'll be buying a couple more so I always have one on reserve!!!

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    shana1027 June 7, 2006
  • I purchased this pillow and I absolutely adore him! I haven't slept this good in so long. I threw him in the washing machine, and he came out as soft as ever! I am buying one for all my friends so they can enjoy him too :)

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    OstkUser101111 January 30, 2006
  • This pillow is hilarious! I bought it as a gag gift, but after receiving it, I think my friend might actually like it. The dude has huge arms and his shirt is really soft...perfect for spooning.

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    OstkUser104290 January 30, 2006
  • hug me pillow

    I really like this pillow. It allows me to fall asleep comfortably each night. I feel safe when I am sleeping in my own bed now. Before, living as a single woman in an apartment by yourself, you never truly feel safe. Now, I can sleep soundly because I have the comforting feeling of someone with me, though it may only be a pillow.

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    lmallen86 September 10, 2010
  • Snuggle-tastic

    I have to admit that when I first saw the Hug Me Pillow lying on my bed, it looked a little creepy. This feling vanished though as soon as I turned out the lights and snuggled up to it. Since the passing of my partner, the bed often seems like a vast wasteland. Thank you Hug Me Pillow, for comforting me during the lonley nights.

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    zaneski July 31, 2006
  • Mullet loves this!

    I can't begin to tell you how much I love this pillow. I love it so much I named him Paul! Paul goes well with my mullet, so much that I don't ever plan on cutting it. It fits so well into the armpit slot and I will never feel lonely again. Paul, you're the greatest! Paul and my mullet.....together forever.

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    Anonymous July 18, 2006
  • Who needs a husband

    When the pillow first arrived, I was feeling rather lonely. My boyfriend of 12 years just passed. This is the only thing that reminds me of his cottony center. Sometimes I spray on his cologne and reminince of the finer days. Thanks boyfriend pillow, you got me out of this one. Dueces!

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    frigo1 July 26, 2011
  • a great substitute in my absence
    Verified Purchase

    this one-arm pillow is a brilliant idea! i wish the hand came in other colors, like closer to my chocolate brown skin, but a brown sharpie will take care of that for us! since i travel 50 weeks out of the year, "rusty" is a great substitute when i'm away...i just hope "he" doesn't take my place permanently...!

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    threats3 September 23, 2011
  • Away From Home

    This was an awesome surprise for my Grandsons and daughter-in-law. My son is in the military and is currently deployed. I ordered this so that they could "cuddle" into it when they were feeling lonely. My daughter-in-law put my sons after shave on it, and my grandbabies cuddle into the crook of their "daddys" arm when they are lonely. It is an awesome product for them, Delivery took 3 days, and I would recommend the product to anyone who asks and even some who don't.

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    caringnana December 19, 2007
  • Even Better Idea

    The only thing that could make this product better: A full body version!!! Us ladies just love sticking our feet between a guy's legs to keep them warm. So don't stick to just half a torso...give us the whole package!

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    pillowvisionary July 14, 2006
  • I had never spooned before until i recieved my new fluffy companion. What a find!

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    OstkUser103605 January 30, 2006
  • No lie!
    Verified Purchase

    Bought for two women now, and they love the pillow and the fact that the pillow doesn't lie!

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    uphigher2 December 4, 2012
  • Wow!

    I LOVE the hug-me pillow. I sleep with 5 of them, it makes me feel like i'm in bed with a whole family.I've always felt there was something missing in my life, a void. I can't explain it but I now feel like one complete person. thank you hug me pillow!

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    OstkUser1362803 December 15, 2008
  • LOVE it!
    Verified Purchase

    When I purchased these pillows (I bought 2) I figured at the very least they'd look cute on the bed. I love these pillows. I love the support under my head/neck and is great for me being a side sleeper. PLUS - "He" doesn't hog the covers, snore, pass gas, talk in his sleep..........dream man for sure!

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    lucky1invegas March 19, 2013