Back-to-School Shopping Guide for Kids

Fashion is a big deal when you're young, and nothing is more nerve-wracking than the fashion show known as the first day of school. Trivial as it may seem, clothing can inspire confidence in your kids and make them feel good as they navigate a day filled with new teachers and unfamiliar classmates.


Whether you've started back-to-school shopping or not, picking up a few trendy pieces now will free your children from sleepless nights spent worrying about their debut school outfit. (I know that was not just me, right?)


Girl's clothing trends tend to mirror popular clothing for adults, just in a smaller size. Cringe all you want at the word "jeggings," but jean-legging hybrids are still a staple in the fashion world and are perfect for kids because they're insanely comfortable. This fall, try pairing skinny pants made of leather or corduroy with tall boots or metallic ballet flats for a different twist on this trend. Brightly colored separates were a must-have this summer, and you can make them work for back-to-school fashion with graphic tees and neon accessories.


Back-to-School Fashion for Girls

neon belt plaid lunchbox leather jeggings graphic tee silver ballet flats


Don't be fooled by the nonchalant attitude most boys exude when it comes to their clothes. They still want to look cool on the first day of class. Take a cue from the clean-cut looks fashionable adult men are sporting and try a polo shirt or graphic tee paired with a blazer. To make the look seem less formal, add a pair of high-top sneakers and some retro headphones as an accessory. Slim-fit pants are still popular for boys, so pick up a pair in a medium wash that will go with anything.


Back-to-School Fashion for Boys headphones gray suit blue polo slim fit jeans boys sneakers


What was your favorite first day of school outfit? I remember being particularly proud of an ensemble I created in elementary school that featured sunflower print overalls, patchwork Converse sneakers and a neon scrunchie around my ankle.



Posted by Amanda Mears

Amanda Mears



Aug. 8, 2011 at 9:57 AM

The only outfit I remember was in sixth grade when I had a green sweatsuit with a gray polo collar. I wore it with a silver heart pendant necklace. I don't remember the shoes, but I bet it was white Keds. It sounds like a weird outfit now, and I'm pretty sure I hated it and wished I'd worn something different by the end of the day then, too.

Aug. 8, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Haha! I hope your avatar will soon sport a picture of you in the sunflower ensemble. I have two memorable back-to-school outfits. 6th grade was a combination of a pleated plaid skirt, black tasseled loafers and a sweater/collared shirt combination. 10th grade was a pair of light-wash jeans, a preppy maroon V-neck sweater and platform Mary Janes. I blame aggressive marketing for my odd choice to wear boots and sweaters in August. Who can resist back-to-school promotions?

Aug. 8, 2011 at 1:04 PM

I would have given anything to go to school in my petticoat and acid-wash denim jacket in kindergarten. Luckily my mom had more fashion sense then me and sent me in a pair of capris and a navy and white striped t-shirt. I now have the grown-up version of that outfit.

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