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The Andrew Charles line of home decor features patterns and designs that are classic and traditional with a modern edge. Mix and match to find the combination that is uniquely yours!
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Tips on Decorating with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can bring together a room's color palette and design scheme, providing balance, elegance and visual interest to your home decor. Throw pillows can soften the look of a heavy leather sofa or add a punch of color to a wingback chair. Changing throw pillows is also an inexpensive and simple way to change the design scheme of a room. Either purchase new accent pillows or cover existing ones ...

New Home Decorating on a Budget

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How to Wash Throw Pillows

Part of keeping a clean house is making sure all of your decorative accessories are clean. Throw pillows covered in delicate fabrics, such as wool or silk, will have to be dry-cleaned, as will throw pillows stuffed with down or feathers. Foam-filled throw pillows with cotton covers or other washable materials, however, can be washed -- some even by machine. Nevertheless, even if a pillow appears washable, ...

Mix and Match Patterns Like an Interior Designer

How to Mix Patterns Like an Interior Designer - <meta property="og:image" content="img/mxc/20161214_seo_pattern_FB.jpg"/> <img id="pinterest-image" style="opacity: 0;position: absolute;top:0; left:0; width:100%" src="img/mxc/20161214_seo_pattern_pinterest.jpg"> Pattern Mixing 101 Learn how to mix and match patterns like an expert with these interior design tips and tricks. <a href="Pattern-Play-Living-Room,/Link,/results.html?featuredproduct=13192575&products=11180500,7576247,11767417,9183833,12038105,8478604,11769062" ...