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Andrew Charles Brands

Andrew Charles New York is the creation of fashion designer and musician ANDY HILFIGER. Inspired by Andy's years at the center of fashion and music, Andrew Charles New York is a lifestyle brand that embodies luxurious, modern design.


Andrew Charles Home Collection

The Andrew Charles line of home decor features patterns and designs that are classic and traditional with a modern edge and rock n roll embellishments. Mix and match to find the combination that is uniquely yours.

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About Andrew Charles

Andy Hilfiger tells the story of how the Andrew Charles brand came into being. From garage bands and album covers to the fashion industry with his brother Tommy, Andy's story is as unique as his brand.

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Chapter 2: The Andrew Charles Brand Story

In Chapter Two of the Andrew Charles brand story, Andy Hilfiger talks about the stars who have influenced and promoted his brand. The artists, including a star-studded list from David Bowie and Mick Jagger to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, have brought him inspiration and that rock n' roll edge that is signature to all of the Andrew Charles collections.

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More Stories Coming Soon

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