We Ship Carbon Neutral at No Cost to You

Overstock.com has partnered with Carbonfund.org to provide carbon-neutral shipping on all Worldstock orders at no additional cost to customers. Carbon-neutral shipping is a process that balances the carbon emissions of shipping to promote clean energy and reforestation. Since the beginning of our relationship with Carbonfund.org, Worldstock has offset over 24 million pounds of carbon. That is equivalent to the amount of carbon produced by burning 11 million pounds of coal.

How Worldstock Offsets Carbon Emissions

Worldstock currently offsets our carbon emissions by contributing to Carbonfund.org's anti-deforestation projects. These projects have achieved the highest global standards for climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection, and community benefits.

Additionally, over the course of our relationship with Carbonfund.org, Worldstock has participated in projects that:

  1. Collect methane from a landfill in Massachusetts that is then used to power the local grid
  2. Restore degraded tribal land on the Nez Perce Reservation in Idaho through forest development and wildfire rehabilitation
  3. Prevent methane release and ground water pollution in New Hampshire
  4. Provide a platform for small- and medium-scale landowners to work together in reforestation activities in Texas

Today, Worldstock provides funding to Carbonfund.org's Russas and Valparaiso projects. The projects focus on the Upper Amazon Basin area located near Acre, Brazil. The goal of the project is to protect 160,000 acres of highly threatened, pristine rainforest from destruction caused by cattle ranching and other activities associated with development. This forest contains the highest biodiversity levels in the world. As part of their effort to prevent deforestation, Carbonfund.org provides alternative economic opportunities to locals who might otherwise profit from deforestation. Some of these opportunities include:

  1. Providing agricoltural extension training
  2. Hiring forest patrols for at-risk deforestation sites
  3. Making needed improvements to local schools
  4. Building health clinics
  5. Providing land tenure to community members

Worldstock is a proud partner of Carbonfund.org and looks forward to continuing the relationship and having a positive impact on the environment.