small space
five tips to help you make
the most of your space

1. Shelved In
Add shelving in your living room, bedroom, or office to make the most of the space. Shelves offer a chic way to display decor while helping to keep your life organized.
2. Sectionals to Sleepers
Style meets function in this set of chic sofas. From hide-a-bed options to convertible sectionals, these sofas offer a little something extra to fit your lifestyle.
3. New Heights
Use the height of bistro and bar sets to maximize space in your kitchen or dining area. Multi-functional tables are also a great choice, bringing versatility to smaller spaces.
4. Mirror, Mirror
Mirrors can give the illusion of depth to any room. A well-placed mirror will reflect light to open up a small room and make it look larger.
5. Lighten Up
Light is one of the most effective tools for maximizing small living space. The right floor lamp can illuminate dark corners and give a room expansion and depth.