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top 6 gifts for guys under $50

1. The Watch
Watches make an excellent gift for men. If you think you can't get a great watch for $50, think again. Durable, time-tested brands like Puma, Nixon, Timex, and Casio offer stylish men's watches at a great low price.
2. The Bluetooth Headphones
Give your guy the gift of freedom with wireless headphones. Stereo sound and bluetooth technology will keep him connected to all his Wi-Fi devices without the unruly cords.
3. The Tool Set
A neatly packaged tool set with the essentials is always a great gift for guys. Even if your guy is the king of tools, a basic set will be his go-to for the quick job.
4. The Indoor Barbecue Grill
This is the perfect gift for the guy who likes to grill. Not only are these grills portable, but they are also ideal for apartment and home use in the cold winter months.
5. The Leather Wallet
Tri-fold, bi-fold, distressed or snap -- a leather wallet gift is where it's at! Leather wallets provide the durability and style your guy is sure to love.
6. The Video Game
They started playing video games as youngsters, but the fun never seems to get old. Whether your guy is a casual player or an extreme gamer, this gift of entertainment is one he is sure to enjoy.