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Looking for an opportunity to work with the best and brightest technological professionals? Then look no further. We were voted #1 by Forbes Magazine as "Best Retailers to Work For" in 2010. Our Customer Service department was also slotted in the #2 spot according to a similar survey. Overstock.com rewards employees for their creativity and innovative work efforts. So if you are looking for an opportunity to grow in a company that values a work-life balance, please apply to our open positions.
Corporate Positions at Overstock.com
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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: When was Overstock.com established?
      A: Patrick Byrne, our current CEO, acquired D2: Discounts Direct in 1999 and re–launched the former company as Overstock.com.

      Q: How many employees work at Overstock.com?
      A: In the past 10 years we have grown from just a few employees to over 1500 employees.

      Q: Where is Overstock.com located?
      A: We have offices located in Salt Lake City, UT; West Valley, UT; Tooele, UT; and Provo, UT.

      Q: Is Overstock.com publicly traded?
      A: Yes; we went public in May 2002. Our stock symbol is OSTK.

      Q: What is a brief list of the departmental structure of Overstock.com?
      A: We have the following departments within our organization: Corporate Training, Customer Service, Finance, Information Technology, Legal, Logistics/Freight, Marketing, Merchandising, Talent Management (HR) and Warehouse.

      Q: Does Overstock.com believe in their employees having a strong work-life balance?
      A: Our team has determined that worker productivity is maximized when employees are well-rested and happy. Overstock’s proximity to world-class skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities offers a unique opportunity for its employees to pursue extra-curricular interests before and after work. We strive to offer a work experience that embraces hard work without the overwork.

      Q: Are there any educational opportunities offered?
      A: We offer video training, instructor-led training and reading groups to help feed our employees desire to learn and expand their knowledge and skills.

    • Benefits at Overstock.com

      Here are some of the Benefits and Perks Overstock.com employees enjoy:

      • Spigit/Innovation Community: A place where employees can submit and review ideas on how to improve our company as a place of business and a place to work.
      • Free Club O Membership: This includes FREE shipping and 5% Rewards credited for future Overstock.com purchases.
      • Corporate Discounts at Verizon, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, etc.
      • Tuition Reimbursement
      • Access to Our Overstock.com Warehouse Store
      • Real Estate Assistance Program: Save money when buying or selling a new home.
      • Summer Party and Fall Concert
      • Minutes from World Renown Ski Resorts

      And of course the standard benefits:

      • Medical, Dental and Vision Plans • 401k • Life Insurance • Competitive Salaries and PTO Plan