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Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

by Mikayla Timothy

Baby showers are fun celebrations that give friends and family the opportunity to show excitement for the new arrival with an abundance of baby gifts. Baby showers are also very helpful to new parents, as they can provide them with baby essentials and fun luxuries. If you are wondering what would be the perfect gift give to the new parents at your next baby shower, then consider these popular gift ideas.

Popular Baby Gifts:

  1. Bedding: Babies can never have enough warm and snuggly blankets for cuddling. Soft and fuzzy baby blankets with cute animal prints or nice pastels are the perfect addition to any baby nursery. Receiving blankets, quilts, and crib sheets are also good baby bedding gifts.

  2. Sling or baby carrier: Baby carriers are a convenient way for Mom or Dad to carry the new baby. Babies love snuggling up close to their parents, and a sling or baby carrier leaves both hands free to do housework, make dinner, and grocery shop. Slings and baby carriers also help create and strengthen parent-child bonds.

  3. Clothing: Baby clothing is one of the most popular baby shower gifts. Babies need lots of clothes to keep them looking their best because many infants will need several changes each day. Matching outfits, fancy dresses, and fun accessories make great baby shower gifts.

  4. Baby monitor: Baby monitors put parents in contact with their child from another room in the house. There are audio and video baby monitors available, and all types make it easy for parents to attend to their little one throughout the night and feel secure knowing that their child is just a cry away.

  5. Toys: A variety of baby toys are available, and they all make wonderful gifts. Activity gyms entertain children and provide them with learning opportunities at the same time. Blocks and balls help develop motor skills, while rattles and stuffed animals will be treasured by the child for years to come.

  6. Books: A collection of children's books will help new moms and dads look forward to reading to their child. Reading to children teaches them valuable language skills and gives parents and children special moments together. Baby books make good gifts because they are often treasured mementos to older children and parents, and classic stories never go out of style.

  7. Diaper bag: Babies need many accessories and items, so traveling with an infant can be a hassle without a quality diaper bag. You can even stock a diaper bag with essentials before giving it for a unique gift that will be highly appreciated.

  8. Bath time accessories: New babies have many baths in their future, so bath accessories make practical baby shower gifts. Baby bathtubs, shampoo, soap, lotion, washcloths, and robes are wonderful items to give as gifts. Baby bath toys are also fun and will keep the little one entertained while in the tub. Consider gifting bath items together in a gift basket.

  9. Nursery accessories: Night lights are great for use in baby nurseries because they help parents easily care for baby at night without turning on brighter lights. Mobiles soothe babies with soft music, floating shapes, and colors. Nursery decor items, such as rugs, pictures, and lamps, give little ones a fun and soothing place to sleep and play.

  10. Mom gifts: In addition to gifts for the new baby, it's great to surprise the expectant mother with something fun or relaxing. Spa gift certificates let the new mother relax in style; craft and scrapbooking supplies will help her get started on baby's memory book; and pampering bath sets will help mom feel her best after being up with the little one all night.

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