Snoop’s Favorite Products

"Whether relaxing or handling your business, this is the 'Good Good' that you need to stay suited and booted, dipped and whipped."

Shante AKA Boss Lady's Favorite Products

"Striking a balance between work and home life is important. Decorating and designing in a style that reflects me is essential to keeping my home comfortable and inviting. These are pieces that can help bring beauty into any home."

Snoop’s kids’ Favorite Products

Corde stays in touch with his natural side. Cordell values a healthy body and a healthy mind. Cori B loves to find new ways to express herself. See which products Snoop and Boss Lady's kids have picked out for you.


A "GOOD GOOD" TEAM’s newest round of TV ads, featuring Snoop Lion (the hip-hop star formerly known as Snoop Dogg), began airing nationwide July 24th, 2013. These feel-good ads depict Snoop using to find products that solve his wife and kids’ most pressing problems. The story line plays out over a reggae-infused music bed lifted from Snoop Lion’s newest single, “The Good Good,” appearing on his new album Reincarnated. Just as “The Good Good” music video depicts a gentler, more family-oriented side of Snoop Lion, the ads do the same, closing with Snoop saying “ ... they got The Good Good.”
We’re excited about our recent collaboration with Snoop Lion (the hip-hop icon formerly known as Snoop Dogg). We worked with Snoop and his posse in the creation of both the new commercial and the music video for “The Good Good,” the latest single off Snoop’s new album Reincarnated. There’s a series of connections between the commercial and music video. First of all, the commercial and video were shot on the same set. Secondly, both are set around the themes of family and the happiness that emerges from relationships with those closest to us. Watch the commercial and music video to see how each complements the other.

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