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hottub with loads of issues

 from NE Pennsylvania,  Dec 18, 2014

Purchased in May 2011, hooked it up in October, 2011. Great...awesome hot tub. Loved the power and comfort of this X-6 tub. Cleaned out and shut down for the summer of 2012. We did not seem to have a problem for 2012. In October, 2013, attempted a start up again, just to find out the control panel (mother board) was not functional. Of course your warranty is expired... to had to order another

18' Round Above Ground Pool Cover - Excellent!!!

 Dec 17, 2014

Item arrived exactly as described and arrived earlier then expected. Great transaction, very smooth, thorough. Don't hesitate to do business with Overstock! I give them a 5 Star rating.

A Man, A Tub, A Filter

 from Lakewood, OH,  Dec 11, 2014

You screw it on. Catches stuff in the water for a while. Unscrew it and throw away. Screw on a new one.

Not for an odd shaped pool

 from Myrtle Beach, SC,  Dec 10, 2014

I bought this for my new solid surface "shell type" pool. The claims that it will climb the sides is inaccurate at best. After moving around the bottom of the pool and missing all of the odd crevices I had to get out the manual vacuum and finish the job. Just easier to leave this heavy thing in storage and do it myself!

Pool Cleaner

 from St. Petersburg, FL,  Dec 6, 2014

This takes away hours of work and is very easy to use.


 from St. Petersburg, FL,  Dec 6, 2014

They fit very well. They are being used in backyard swimming pool.

Keeps temp. Up...

 from Sarasota, FL,  Nov 29, 2014

Keeps pool temperature warm for use through our cooler months! Second one we have purchased...first lasted 3 years before plastic breaking down from chemicals...we are able to re-use the reel we purchased with the first one...which makes it quick and easy for one person to cover and remove. This cover has extended our swimming season by several months!

Love my new hot tub!

 from Ocala, Fla,  Nov 24, 2014

Those having questions might want to download the owners manual. I found this very helpful. I Google 'Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 81-jet Hot Tub'. Make sure it's the manual for the 81 jets. When you goggle the above mentioned sentence, a pdf manual will show up. When the hot tub comes it will have a disk with this same information/manual. I find that having it downloaded on my smartphone is more

Great deal!! Couldn't be happier!!

 from Matawan, NJ,  Nov 21, 2014

I was a little skeptical about this because of the price but it is a great hot tub, the jets are powerful and at night time the lighting looks amazing! I had an electrician install and have not had any issues. I found this same tub at other online retailers and Overstock hadthe best price including shipping cost.... Similar hot tubs were selling for over $7000 in stores... save your money! This

Hot Tub 3 Person

 from Adams, NE,  Nov 20, 2014

I bought this in the summer and we love it! It does take a bit to get used to The chemicals though. It is running in 3 degree temps right now in Nebraska and doing fine. We plan to enclose our covered deck for next winters use as it is on the North side of the house. I would recommend this hot tub if you are under 6' tall. Thanks db1960

Float Tube

 from WIchita Kansas,  Nov 20, 2014

Love this tube. My girlfriend and I can relax on the river side by side without a rope ;) Love the built in cooler too, may not be large enough for the heavy drinkers. Its perfect for us. Great product.

Very relaxing!

 from Florida,  Nov 16, 2014

It is perfect for my pool when I just want to relax.

Not worth the money

 from Nevada,  Nov 15, 2014

Covers accurately, but ripped in the middle of plastic and fell apart after 3 months of use. Spa is under patio cover, so sun did not even hit it directly.Thin, cheap tarp. Very disappointed.


 from Medford nj,  Nov 13, 2014

This float popped after 10 years olds played in the pool for one day. Very thin. What a disappointment

Great float

 from Medford nj,  Nov 13, 2014

This float lasted in the pool all summer and with kids crawling all over it. The others popped after a week. It has a thick liner on it

Solves storage problem

 from West Chester, PA,  Nov 8, 2014

Arrived in good order, easy enough to fit. Until I've been through a winter or two with it it is impossible to judge the quality. Zippers are not exactly industrial strength. Jury out overall but so far so good and saves me having to store the cover above the garage.


 from Northern California,  Nov 6, 2014

The hot tub is great and a good value compared to other tubs from local dealers. Overstock was very responsive and tried hard but the time to fill the order, delays in the delivery process and lack of tech support made this a nightmare. Overstock is a great way to buy but this item is too large and they don't have the necessary control over the other issues to ensure that it will go smoothly. I

Needed to pass pool code but what a waste of money

 from Florida,  Nov 1, 2014

The design is difficult and timely to install. This product has 4 tiny screws to remove to install battery that is also covered by a slide off back which is over kill. Another flaw is that it requires multiple pieces of double side adhesive which didn't adhere & the alarms went off continually. The directions were minimal & the device is an eye sore.. I removed as soon as I passed code. What a

Substandard Quality for the Price

 from HB, CA,  Oct 29, 2014

Lightweight. Good shape with a huge rocker. Excellent for beginners. Fits in any regular 4-dr sedan and less cumbersome to carry out in comparison to the 8-9 footer logs. Got two for my wife and her surf partner, since I mostly ride under 6' shorties. After taking both out for a dip, I will say this board is neither for intermediate nor advance as advertised. Fins placement are too far forward, m

Will only last one summer....

 from Florida,  Oct 27, 2014

Writing a review 2 days after you get the item is almost pointless, even if you enjoy the item...because you have no idea how it will hold up over time. I loved this thing for one summer only...then it begins to fall apart and unravel in your pool...it fades very fast and is worthless in less than a year. Just beware...if you buy this...only expect it to last one summer. I will be laying it by

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