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if you like dragonflies and stained glass how could you not like this?! well you wont-trust me. i know enough about stained glass to know it varies from piece to piece, so the one you get will look different than the one in the photo. the one i got was horrible. the colors were way off. mine was completely blue--not bluishpurple (like the pic). there was no amber/yellow in it all. the only thing that looked like the picture were the dragonflies. the glass was so dull and the quality was poor too. i know some stained glass is suppose to be cloudy and dull--but not like this-- what a bad choice of glass to put in such a big over all space. it didnt look very good when i held it up to a light either. i wanted a light that looked pretty when the lights were off as well as on- but it didnt. i was completely disappointed. i showed it to a few friends to get their opinion as well and they also thought it was horrible. what a shame. but on the bright side i bought 2 others at the same time and they are gorgeous. everyone compliments me on them and asks where i got them--and i tell and i got a great $deal$ on them too!!

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