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Nice Intermediate Racket

 Feb 21, 2015

Felt natural in the hand from the start. Great control for my game.


 Feb 13, 2015

Exactly as advertised. The only problem is that my game did not become as good as Federer (not just yet).


 Jan 30, 2015

Great lightweight racquet! Excellent control.


 Jan 20, 2015

Liked the racquet so much I ordered another one. The only complaint that I would mention is that the racquet came strung with very cheap synthetic gut stringing and unknown tension. The racquet will be restrung within a week. Otherwise, this is really a great value.

The Steam is solid

 from Houston, TX,  Dec 20, 2014

Racquet is about right for my type of swing. Not too heavy or too lite. The prestrung strings are not the greatest. Decent stick for mid-level players. Way overpriced! Source of racquet is half the cost.

Head IS-12

 from Garden Grove, CA,  Sep 3, 2014

Light weight, power and stiff. The most important thing is the great price with free shipping charged at Overstock.com. I will buy more from it.

i would give it a 4.5, as 4 on quality& 5 on value

 from San Jose, California,  Aug 23, 2014

I am at the turning point between beginner and intermediate and I have been looking for something similar to replace my previous old willison racket. This one is a lot lighter than my previous 15 year old racket, yet not the lightest with all the latest technology. The reason i kept the old one for this long is because, 1) that was a gift from my dad when i was 10. 2) althought it is heavy, i lik

Great racquet for developing players

 from New York,  Aug 19, 2014

This is my current preferred racquet. It's described as a "tweener" racquet, offering a balance of power and control. It fits that description wonderfully. If you're a 2.5 to 4.0 player and want a racquet that doesn't go too far in any style, then this is a great choice. It has a 102 sq in head, which is not "oversized" but on the larger side of midplus. I find it very forgiving on off-center hit

Great racquet for more advanced players

 from New York,  Aug 19, 2014

First, I'll say that I've played with a Head LiquidMetal 4, so that's what I'll compare this to. Bottom line: if you are strong and supply your own power to your strokes this is a good choice. If not, consider the oversized or Pro version of this racket. This is not my preferred racquet, but that's because it doesn't currently fit my playing style. The LM4 is better-suited to players in the 3.0-4


 from state college, pa,  Aug 7, 2014

I haven't used it much but your stupid site keeps pestering me about leaving a rating so here it is.

Great racquet for price

 from San Diego, CA,  Jul 25, 2014

This racquet is my back up but I use it more often now as the design is sporty with light weigh. I was not aware that it came without a bag. The string tension is stiff as " one size fits all " . It takes several times to break into it or if one can afford : re - string it. Overall, it's very worth the money.

pretty good price VS value

 from Austin, TX,  Jul 25, 2014

pretty good price VS Value. It offers pretty good combination of control + power leverage. However, for seniors, ladies or beginners who are looking for more power leverage, there might be other better choices.

Perfect beginner racket

 from GA,  May 30, 2014

I am a new tennis player and I love this racket. So light and I even get tons of compliments from the veteran players! Great price and fast shipping!

More Top Spin

 from Fort Washington, MD,  May 17, 2014

I was going to demo this racquet, but when I saw the price on Overstock, I decided to take chance and just buy it outright. It is one of the best online decisions I ever made. It is so light I barely know it's in my hand, and it certainly has improved the amount of top spin I can put on the ball.

Game Improver

 from South Florida,  May 13, 2014

This is my 2nd Head racquet. I purchased the Ti S6 in February and this racquet in April. I like both the racquets but this racquet has significantly improved my game. I hit pretty hard and it has a nice sweet spot. I have not had the racquet restrung and am currently playing 2-3 times a week. Price wise with coupon great price compared to retail stores.


 from Chucago IL,  May 8, 2014

I got this for my daughter, had to tell the instructor stop using my kids and get there own.

Tennis Ball Purchase

 from San Antonio, Texas,  Mar 4, 2014

The package was delivered quickly. The tennis balls are good and I am enjoying them.

Excellent raquet for people with arm problems

 from Glendora, CA,  Feb 24, 2014

I bought this racquet because of the comfort zone technology and how others who have used it benefited from it. I tend to serve with a lot of muscle and my upper arm (bicep) gets sore and painful after an hour of play. I was using a Head Crossbow racquet before. With this racquet I have been playing longer and with little to no pain in my arm. The racquet came with a nice looking Head cover/case.

Good quality tennis balls

 from VA,  Feb 18, 2014

Quality product, great price. Great for kids 12 and under

Good deal

 from Vancouver Canada via Blaine Washington,  Jul 30, 2013

The racquet is very nice and is just what we needed. Overstock is great, quick shipping no hassles and easy transaction. Good deal

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