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 May 24, 2015

Perfect charger dock for my controllers

Kids toy

 May 21, 2015

Son enjoys it, overpriced Legos

Headset for gaming

 May 19, 2015

This headset is worth the money and more. Daughter says they are comfortable and meet her needs for gaming perfectly. They seem pretty well-made and a quality item for the money. Would buy again.


 May 14, 2015

why is this order of mine going to take so long to be processed and shipped when its only one thing? a Game, that was released weeks ago an yet i have to wait till the last day of the last month of this year?!!

Just ok...

 May 13, 2015

It fit funky on the head, not truly around it if that makes any sense. Purchased for my son but he didn't end up using it much.

Favorite Controller Brand

 May 13, 2015

Rock Candy is the favorite controller brand of my family. They are smaller than the original PS controllers and laid out differently. Our play room has a concrete floor so 1 drop and they usually have some kind of damage. They are good controllers though and lasted my gaming family of 5 kids and a husband a while.

Ok controllers....

 May 13, 2015

For the price you can't expect to be getting completely durable controllers. My kids break controllers so quickly, whether they are the expensive or cheap ones, so this is an economical option for me. We've had them about 2-3 weeks now. One controller was dropped and now the character on screen is constantly walking. On the other controller, the black wire has separated from the controller at

My son's favorite game

 May 7, 2015

Although not necessarily better every year, Madden 15 is the best one to date.

ps3 Infininty

 May 6, 2015

Great deal .Got it quick. KIDS love the marvel game. Great price


 May 6, 2015

If you like mmorpg's with a monthly surcharge, this game delivers big time. It has all the Final Fantasy greatness with so much stuff. You'll never get bored. I highly recommend buying this for the ps3 or ps4.

Great game

 May 2, 2015

bought this game from overstock for a little less than gamestop's price and I love it, no problems with the game internal or external. Would advise to buy if interested.

Nice Game

 Apr 24, 2015

Nice game, but not as good as the computer version.

still working perfect

 Apr 23, 2015

Can't complain they work perfect for a great price

A steal for the money!

 Apr 21, 2015

Great games to fill your day. For $10 a game. It's a bargain.

Still addictive

 Apr 21, 2015

Great game for the price!

Hubby likes video games but....

 Apr 21, 2015

....this one isn't a nice RPG as the ones he has played.... God of War, Red Dead Redemption and Resident evil. He doesn't like the flow and the controls.


 Apr 21, 2015

Great price, shipped quickly. What more could you ask for?

postal worker

 Mar 24, 2015

Love my ear phones, and I can hear cleatly

Favorite Game

 Mar 20, 2015

This was a gift for my son and has become one of his favorite games.

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