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jade color

 May 1, 2015

this is to be a birthday gift for our daughter-in-law in may.

Enameled oval frame with bow

 Apr 24, 2015

Beautiful enameled oval frame. Perfect for a very special photo.


 Apr 21, 2015

Same story different frame.


 Apr 21, 2015

I bought as a gift, went over well. I have not seen it on display yet,but I'm sure I will.

love this frame

 Apr 21, 2015

bought as a gift, wish I could keep for myself. Perfect for vacation picture

crazy about frames

 Apr 8, 2015

I collect old frames.This is at the top of my collection.Beautiful!

SouthFlorida Girl

 Mar 25, 2015

This frame is NOT two-tone. It's still pretty, but there is absolutely NO silver in it, only bronze and antiqued gold.

picture frame

 Mar 7, 2015

beaufiful antique loooking frame. nice quality and elegant.


 Mar 7, 2015

Loved this frame. It is perfect. In shopping it would be helpful to know the size. Picture fit great. Liked it so got it anyway not knowing size.

so beautiful and sparkly

 Feb 24, 2015

the blue really pops out and the sparks! love the design and the price!

real piece of art

 Feb 24, 2015

very elegant, handcrafted photo frame! great price.

love this collection

 Feb 24, 2015

made of real stuff and exquisite craftsmanship

Great frame

 from Ohio,  Jan 3, 2015

It is beautiful and expensive looking frame. The initials are on the bottom of the frame and end up on one of the sides if you want to put a horizontal picture in it. But the monogram is light enough that it blends in with the silver.

Nice gift

 from Key West,  May 28, 2014

Mother's always enjoy pictures of their kids, so why not pick out a special one, and surround it in a lovely frame so she can display and enjoy it? The only thing I'd change is that the engraving is not especially bold, so a bit hard for older eyes to see. But over all, a gift my Mom really did enjoy getting.


 from rochester ny,  Feb 18, 2011

I have been looking for a thin envelope in leather to hold my coupons in my purse. This is perfect b/c it is thin and easy to find. It sure beats a paper envelope.

Nice Quality

 from TX,  Nov 25, 2010

I bought this as a stocking stuffer and was quite pleased when I received it. It's made of good quality leather and it's soft enough to put your photos in it without being scratched. Perfect size to fit in my purse.

Love the color

 from Queens NY,  Aug 1, 2010

I have to sat that I bought this item because of the color. The red really stands out and I used this envelope to store my favorite pictures, and the red color will always stand out whenever Ill be looking for these pictures.

Like it!

 Jul 26, 2010

Like the idea of this RED envelope. Handed out some pictures to old high school friends. Think in a regular envelope they could easily get confused and even thrown out. This envelope is easy to spot and surely will not be thrown out that easily, neither will the memories of our high school years.

Mildly Satisfied

 from Orange County, CA,  May 12, 2010

It didn't look or feel like real leather - more like pleather. My mom has a similar, nice leather one that is nicer in quality. However, the color of this envelope is nice and it was shipped promptly. It serves it's purpose but I was a little disappointed.

Photo Holder

 from VA,  Feb 25, 2010

This photo holder does not hold as many photos as it says it does. I had to cram in the 10 photos I needed to fit in there, and it's really hard to get them out. Not worth it.

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