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It is the Boss

 from The Pinez of Jersey,  Nov 27, 2014

The Boss is a high Quality product as is the rest of the line of e-collars

Dog Trainer

 from wilmington,  Nov 18, 2014

Luckily I have a little dog, so this is fine for my apt for when I dont make it home in time. It did take me about 2 weeks to train my lil dog to use it. Had to get some spray from the pet store to spray on the grass. But he goes on it now, which is much better than on the floor

Great Product!

 from Baltimore, MD,  Nov 12, 2014

Perfect for my 4 lb chihuahua! I only have to change this pad every other day. Even though my baby is tiny he likes to have a large place to decide where to go! Great product for my use!


 from Tennessee,  Nov 9, 2014

My small sheltie has an annoying habit of barkng incessantly when outside. I was reluctant to spend upwards of $100 on other collars. Got this for under $50 and it has worked from the first minute. She barked about twice, and now just runs around without barking, even when other dogs are barking.

Reliable system

 from Toledo, Ohio,  Nov 4, 2014

Effective and reliable, Longer installation time than wireless but makes up in peace of mind that it is a concrete barrier. Detailed instructions and back up help line if needed. My dog learned very quickly and now has much more room to roam, romp and play!

Used discount coupon to get best online price

 from California,  Oct 25, 2014

Already have read many reviews on the product before buying. I actually haven't used the device yet as I'm waiting to watch a training video(leerburg) how to incorporate it and layer it into my current training. Product well packaged and looks study. Hopefully it holds up of a long time.

Good product and solve the problem.

 from Austin, TX,  Oct 10, 2014

We have a very stubborn bulldog but now we rarely use this collar. As soon as our bulldog sees the remote on our hand she stops and looks at us. The only recommendation it to turn it off at nights or it eats batteries as fast as we acquire more national debt.

Works great

 from Iowa,  Oct 3, 2014

Installation is time consuming but straightforward. We needed to get another roll of wire for our 0.33 acre lot (50 feet short), but big chain hardware store carries the exact same roll that comes with the kit. Rechargable battery holds charge well, and we use the Yard Max feature, which means the warning beeps start outside of the boundary wire with the shock a few feet after that. Our corgi cau

Our Dog Just Has to See It

 from Overland Park, KS,  Sep 30, 2014

The collar seems to work. Hard to tell what is going on with it. All I know is it only took once of it going off while our dog was barking to keep her from doing it again. Now all we have to do is show it to her and she hangs her head. The instructions aren't great. Our dog is about 13 lbs and it does fit her. It does not fit well on our 9 lb dog, just in case you were thinking about purchas

didnt work for my yorkie/maltese

 from nc,  Sep 24, 2014

Didn't do anything for my dog. She doesn't even flinch when it goes off

Awesome training tool!!

 from Macon, GA,  Sep 5, 2014

This is such an amazing tool. Very helpful. Check out a few of the videos on YouTube.

Screams.....not barks!

 from Louisiana,  Sep 4, 2014

We rescued a little mix and have never had a dog that screams instead of barks. He actually hurts my ears. Now I know how he wound up on the street! That is not going to happen to him again because the Anti Bark Collar with Pet Safe Control refills actually keep him in check. It is a product that works and if you purchase, follow the directions and you will get good results.

Grass for dogs

 from CA,  Aug 26, 2014

Took awhile for my puppy to go on,but it works good, sometimes I work late at night.

Puppy Potty

 from GA,  Aug 21, 2014

Took about a week for him to use it. i actually had to take out the grass and rub it on where he peed outside and he has used it every since Sounds kind of nasty, but hey.......better than cleaning up pee.

no seperate "page" button

 from british columbia,  Aug 9, 2014

got this product and was expecting that I could "page" the dog and only shock if she didn't heed the warning..there is only one button on the transmitter. I cannot find a way to do both functions independently. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Petsafe ultra smart collar

 from IL,  Aug 5, 2014

It arrived quickly and works great I would definitely recommend this product to a friend I use it for two labs

Fantastic customizable tool

 from Boston, Ma,  Aug 1, 2014

Great tool to train a dog. It gives you immense options for strength of shock, which is what makes it so unique. Truly able to find the right strength for your individual dog.


 from California,  Jul 15, 2014

These are the best puppy pad there are I prefer the 23x36 .please get them back.

electronic dog collar

 from South Carolina,  Jul 9, 2014

We've had one for our dog for years. Just recently replaced the battery in ours. Effective with good shock adjustment. Warning signal now works for our girl. We just bought this one for our niece's dog.

Bulky, but it works

 from Indiana,  Jul 2, 2014

We had a lot of trouble with our dog continually barking at neighbors and people walking down the street. We bought this after receiving anonymous complaints. The collar is bulky, especially if your dog already wears an invisible fence collar. But she definitely got the point after the first couple of corrections, so much so that she hides under the desk if I get this collar out to put it on he

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