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A Dogs attention.

 Aug 23, 2015

Love that I can speak verbal commands into the remote and my dog can hear them from the collar.

Just as expected

 Aug 22, 2015

No surprises here...the product was exactly as it should have been and works great on my 7 lb dog.


 Aug 21, 2015

My little dog doesn't know this is in the room. He barks, it does its thing, and ne'er the twain shall meet.

Great Little Pads

 Aug 20, 2015

We got these pads for our kitties who like to urinate outside of the box. They work very well and the price was right!

Works for some dogs not so much for others

 Aug 20, 2015

My Aussie cringes when I put this on him. Even if it's not charged. My golden barks and barks with the occasional yelp from the shock. He doesn't care. Silly dog!


 Aug 20, 2015

use them everyday for my two dogs


 Aug 20, 2015

Probably would work with most dogs. Mine is stubborn!

Works exactly like description

 Aug 20, 2015

Works just like advertised.

Not the answer

 Aug 20, 2015

Works at first, but the dogs get used to it and it doesn't faze them anymore.


 Aug 20, 2015

I really like them. Could be a bit thicker perhaps!

Rick Bauer

 Aug 20, 2015

Works good wishing I had many more. Battery lasts about 30 days and the distance seems a little short but adiquat

Bell and Howell Solar Animal Repeller Set of Two

 Aug 19, 2015

Great Repeller, I have had little to no animals in my yard since placing them out there

Appears to work

 Aug 15, 2015

They're nice units. The red light blinks that it's working and has a nice led night light. As for repelling bugs, I'm not seeing it, but I didn't buy it for that. Bought it to keep mice from setting up house in my garage. It appears to be working for that. Had a lot of field mice due to a warm winter last year.

Works too well.

 Aug 14, 2015

My dogs started barking when new neighbors moved in with 2 dogs of their own. Got this to stop all the nuisance barking. Problem:no on/off switch, just a timer Most barking stopped; but there are unintended consequences. The female lab doesn't want to go outside because when the other dogs still bark, it activates the bark control device. Definitely works, stops annoying barking, changes beha

Dog Lover

 Aug 12, 2015

This poorly made, plastic is quality of something from a Dollar store, disappointed.

Best I have ever purchased

 Aug 11, 2015

Awesome deal, I keep my dogs inside when I am gone and these are the best value I have ever received

The Best Available

 Aug 11, 2015

i buy these all the time for my three small dogs. they are a large size so you use less and i have not found any to be more absorbent.


 Aug 10, 2015

didn't last long enough. have to reorder

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