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this is NOT pet safe

 from new york,  Dec 15, 2014

i have one of the frolicat dart toys. initially i thought YEAHS...a toy my 2 cats can play with by themselves. after watching them play with it....they do LOVE it.....BUT i did notice that since you cant control the laser yourself CAN GO IN THEIR EYES. one of my cats was facing it and as she was chasing the light ....the light started back towards her....bringing the light UP HER FACE.

Made Well But Wrong Fabric for Dog Bed

 from Los Angeles,  Dec 14, 2014

The construction is great yet the fabric seems a poor choice for a dog beg. Dog hair sticks to the bed. I have washed two times already and bed comes out of dryer with hair all over it still. Even with a lint brush it is hard to remove.

Good looking gate

 from Chicago, IL,  Dec 14, 2014

I purchased this gate to replace one that I could not stand looking at because it was a mesh one for a baby. This one looks so much better! I like the fact that I can walk through it. I don't have to jump over it or take it down to pass through. It is also easily folded up and removed if necessary. My two little shih tzus have not figured out how to knock it down yet. A bigger dog might because it

Great size for teacup-sized dogs/ & small puppies

 from Kirkland, WA,  Dec 14, 2014

Recommendation has a caveat. This comes in two sizes. First I bought this small one for my two Havanese and was disappointed in the size. It measured less than the 6". It's a great size for teacup-sized dogs or very small puppies. It's very soft & cute- well made. I liked it so much, I then bought the larger one. My girls love it. They don't carry toys around with them very much or even pla

So funny!

 from Kirkland, WA,  Dec 14, 2014

I've bought these balls in the past. From the sayings quoted on this package, it appears this one has new phrases. I'm not sure who enjoys these more: 2 Havanese or the humans around them when playing with them. We get such a kick out of the sayings and the girls reactions.

Great Pet Bed

 from Lantana, TX,  Dec 14, 2014

I ordered 2 of these beds to go in our dog crates. They were the best I've ever seen and would have been great for the dogs. However, they were a little bit too long and I couldn't close the crate door. I had ordered the small and I should have ordered the x-small.

Write-up a bit misleading, but I'm still pleased.

 from Kentucky,  Dec 14, 2014

From the write up, which mentions the measurements of 15x22, I thought I was getting a larger size than what I received. It should have been made clearer that the size the actual opening for the dogs to pass through is 10.25x16.25. Fortunately, this size will still work for my largest dog. For the price I paid, I'm quite happy.

Fashionable Gate for large spaces

 from Charlotte, NC,  Dec 14, 2014

We needed a gate to keep our dogs out of our new addition but wanted something that would not detract from the style. We have had many compliments on this gate and it opens easily with one hand. We have a large boxer mix who is able to jump many gates but so far he has not jumped this one. The gate is also very stable and heavy. We are very pleased.

Kitty Paradise!!!

 from Woodland Park, Colorado,  Dec 14, 2014

When I first opened the box I though OMG this is going to take forever, what have I gotten myself into....but then my bf got up and said step I started taking pictures of his arrogance. To my surprise we organized the pieces and I'm not going to lie their are a bunch of them but once we organized it all it was smooth sailing using the diagram is a savior though. Pictures can talk

Best Pet Gate EVER!

 Dec 14, 2014

Purchased this for my two small dogs who are expert "escapers" the moment anyone comes in the front door, they zoom out the front door. They also tend to make a pest of themselves whenever company's here. This is a fabulous pet gate. It's very attractive, quite heavy and cannot be pushed anywhere by the dogs. There's a rubber kind of coating on the very bottom piece that sits on the floor, making

Large cage

 from Gasquet, Ca.,  Dec 14, 2014

This cage is nice and large. It took my bird time to get used to it and use all areas of it, but my bird loves it now.

Please Don't Buy Round Cages

 from Prairie Village, KS,  Dec 13, 2014

Please do not buy round cages for your beloved pets. Birds have more preditors than any other animals. They are pursued by other birds, cats, dogs, snakes, humans, and any other carnivous animal you can imagine. For this reason, they are naturally skiddish, fearful, and always on alert for attacks. In order for a bird to feel safe, s/he will back into a corner where they can monitor what is in fr

Dog hoodies

 from California,  Dec 13, 2014

Bought several cute doggie hoodies... my only negative is that they run a little small. Good quality, great colors.

great bed

 Dec 13, 2014

My dog loves her new bed, she weighs about 18lbs and has plenty of room even with all the toys she stores in it with her!

Sturdy Pet Carrier

 from Beaverton, OR,  Dec 13, 2014

Used the pet carrier Monday. Size was exactly what was expected.

My Cats Love These

 from Bokeelia, FL,  Dec 13, 2014

We were in need of more cat trees, but everything we found was either too small or too flimsy for the price. Then, I found these on Overstock and ordered them. They came almost fully assembled, all we had to do was add the top with the 3 screws already pre-drilled. Super easy, super sturdy and super popular with my cats! I've already recommended this to my neighbor and I'll recommend it to you

Doesn't fit every back seat well. Slippery!

 from Florida,  Dec 13, 2014

This doesn't work well for dogs, the material is so plastic that they slip and slide all over the place. It sort of covers the back seat, a bit small so it has trouble staying flat.

NOT a Bed

 from Florida,  Dec 13, 2014

Not a bed. It's nothing but a crate pad. Quite disappointing.

comfy bed

 from Fl,  Dec 13, 2014

This pet is a comfy, soft and large enough for our Bichon to stretch out in it. It is a good value for the money

Nice size for our condo

 Dec 12, 2014

Our kitty loves her new kitty condo. The odd thing, before you buy this: is the top shelf that goes in, is solid. I can't figure out how the kitty is supposed to get up there, no hole for her to crawl through. I'll end up having a hole put into it eventually. Otherwise, easy to watch hubby put it together and the cat's happy.

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