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my opinion of this product

 Dec 17, 2014

hello. wanted to let everyone who's lucky enough to check this item out. you will think it was worth every penny. there are many of these such things out there, however I found this very attractive. yes I read all the details about it but I still didn't know if I would happy with. so I said well if not I can return it. so I have 2 small dogs 11lb and 8 lb. if I could walk them without loose dogs I

The Best Pet Stroller

 from Norfolk, VA,  Dec 8, 2014

I love this stroller. It is way sturdier than the Pet Gear strollers (2) that I used to use. The padded handle is a step up as well. I am tall and usually have trouble with the height of strollers, but not with the Gen7Pets product. Steering is easier with the single front wheel and negotiating curbs is a breeze. I like that the pet compartment zips closed so easily as opposed to the Pet Gear

All I can say is WONDERFUL!

 from Bettendorf Iowa,  Nov 8, 2014

We got this as a Christmas gift last year for our daughter to push around her 12 pound dog. We saw this on the television series Big Bang Theory. My daughter has CP and is not steady on her feet. This helps my daughter walk around, and our dog loves it. We unzipped it and have it out. The dog jumps in and sleeps in it alot. The inside is warmer, so our dog uses this for naps on her own. I put in a

A Godsend

 from Texas,  Nov 4, 2014

My 45 pound arthritic mixed breed dog can't go for walks with me any longer. We took this sturdy and well designed stroller for a walk this morning and she loved it! It was easy to put together too. So far so good...

Wheel Came Off While Using It

 from Miami Beach, FL,  Oct 26, 2014

I thought this product was going to be amazing because I see many people with dog strollers at outdoor malls. The only good thing about this product is that it has cup holders and a bottom compartment for dog treats. The wheel came off while I was using it and my puppy was inside. I was in the middle of the street and had to grab the wheel and piece that is supposed to hold the wheel on. I don't k


 from Levitton, PA,  Oct 23, 2014

I had been investigating which stroller to get. I actually saw this in Maine. did some homework read some reviews and decided this was the one. So easy to use. My little lady loves it. closes easy, operates easy, sturdy, strong. high quality. Glad I made the right decision. Also great price.

Blind and old standard dachsie loves outings

 from Philadelphila, PA,  Oct 21, 2014

Our elderly and blind standard dachshund enjoys going for walks and when she gets tired, she rides in comfort! Easy to travel with and fits well in trunk along with suitcases and bags.

Love it

 from FL,  Oct 15, 2014

Very good quality easy to assemble well worth the money

Our cats love it!

 from Forney TX,  Oct 4, 2014

My Husband and I walk our cats in this stroller, they absolutely love it! We are very pleased with the quality and functionality of the stroller. Our two cats fit inside of it no problem, however they are a little crammed in there. We might have to purchase a second one if they get any bigger. We have two Maine Coons, one of them weighs around 15 lbs and the other is close to 18lbs. Both of the

Excellent quality, super easy to use

 from San Diego, CA,  Sep 30, 2014

I run a Boston Terrier rescue and needed a way to transport medically fragile dogs as well as a litter of puppies I was fostering. This was the perfect solution. Plenty of room for the four puppies and the large wheels make it super easy to maneuver. The multiple mesh windows means the dogs always can see me and have a view of the world outside. The two entrances makes it easy to get the pups in

More than worthwhile investment

 from Roanoke, VA,  Sep 18, 2014

I purchased this for a 5 month old terrier-mix puppy; she has been going everywhere in her stroller! My mom and sister keep her during the day while I work, and she even went with them to the dentist! She sits or lies very peacefully, as she can see all around. I did add a pad (designed for a crate, which we don't use) to make it a little softer for her, as she doesn't have a lot of fur - this

Thank you for coming. I had great time. Get bett

 from Columbia city indiana,  Sep 11, 2014

Love it. And so does the dog work great. Very smooth sale

Very good for my old Yorkshire Terrier

 from Norway,  Sep 5, 2014

Very useful when I walk with my old Yorkie, so he can take a rest when getting tired, and I can still keep walking...

Stroller feature is limited

 from Boulder, CO,  Sep 4, 2014

I was originally shopping for a larger pet stroller and came across the jogging stroller/bike trailer. I really liked the idea of also being able to take my bulldog on an occasional bike ride with me so I decided on this product instead of another one that was exclusively a stroller. The quality of the carriage is very good. Sturdy metal frame and good tires. Good safety features with reflect

Positive review Title

 from Arizona,  Aug 29, 2014

Very nicely made pet stroller, pushes easily with a 30lb. dog in it. My dog likes the front bottom screen to see out. I did have a hard time trying to fold it to take in the van.

I love it!

 from Warren MI,  Aug 21, 2014

This is a great stroller, my 2 Shih Tzu's come running when I say ride!!!! Bought it basically for vacationing....but I'm using it everyday for exercise! Don't hesitate to try one!!

Pet Gear Stroller

 from Greenville, S.C.,  Aug 12, 2014

This is one of the higher quality products at the most competitive price in this category at, with better than expected delivery service after I ordered the product.( it came 3 days earlier than expected ) The unit was mostly assembled with minor additional assembly required taking just a few minutes. Our miniature long haired Dachshund has twice the room he needs, enjoys the super

Poor quality

 from arizona,  Aug 8, 2014

The front duel wheels wobbly horribly when moving forward, (our dog is 12 pounds) making the stroller un-steerable. The basket below the pet area has the thread, stitching material coming undone from the bottom of the basket. Very poor product we have had the stroller about 30 days.

Pet Gear Pet Stroller

 from Las Vegas, NV,  Aug 6, 2014

I was a bit suspect when I received the box from UPS. The box was totally mangled and taped together, so I was expecting a nightmare scenario of returning an item. BUT... inside the taped together and mangled box... the stroller parts were complete. Simple to put together and upon completion and a test walk with my dog... I am very happy with the product and will recommend it to anyone.

Strolling along

 from Southern Maryland,  Aug 2, 2014

We bought this for our 30-pound Lhasa mix who has trouble walking. We are very happy with it. There are screens that you can zip up or keep open, and there are two pouches on the back of the stroller where you can store things (keys, doggie refuse bags, leashes, etc.). The ride is nice and smooth. We got a stroller this big so that our other dog, a 20-pound shih tzu, could also ride if he want

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