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 May 22, 2015

Easy to assemble and very sturdy

for a cat

 May 21, 2015

very attractive and packaged very well and east to put together


 May 15, 2015

fell apart one week after I bought it.

Completely different from the description. Have to

 May 13, 2015

Bought two and need to return them for refund.


 May 9, 2015

provided the extra warmth & security for my outdoor loving cat.


 May 8, 2015

Very happy with purchase. It provides our outdoor cat with cozy shelter and also having the feature of front entrance & an exit at back provides a route for cat if another animal intruded. Minimal assembly & quality fabric, also color of fabric is nice. Our cat enjoyed the ability to have heat in col weather & shade & protection with warmer weather.

happy rabbits

 May 6, 2015

Very nice rabbit hutch. My bunnies are very happy in their new home. I like that it has lots of doors. I applied a coat of clear wood stain to protect from weather changes. The color is very nice and matches the playset and play house in my backyard. Good size. In has two wheels that makes it easy to move.

Cute Little House!

 May 5, 2015

We purchased this dog house for our cat. He still has to use it but we love it! Easy to assemble and looks good in our living room.

Trixie rabbit hutch

 May 5, 2015

The packaging on the box is very flimsy! The first one shipped and was broken on delivery. The 2nd one finally was delivered after we already had the rabbit. The box was in terrible condition but thank god in one piece ! I was disappointed that no attempt was made to expedite the shipping on the second one especially since them damage to the first was because of the shipping company!

dog kennel

 May 5, 2015

arrived great and as advertised

Broken pieces.

 May 2, 2015

I ordered this for my rabbits a few days ago. The shipping was fast and free, but the item its self was horrible. The wood pieces, although a nice quality, were severely damaged. I also had TONS of missing screws and the screws that I did have were stripped.

Great shelter

 May 1, 2015

except our ferrel cat does not use it. We tried to find the perfect spot, but it seems she rather relies on her own instincts for finding a protected spot.

hutch is poor quality

 Apr 27, 2015

The material is of poor quality - junky. The latch at the top where the two doors meet is too short to secure both doors - our bunny escapes daily. The ramp was broke on the first day because of the cheap 'wood'. I do like that it gives her more room. IT would be nice if there was a 'floor'.


 Apr 27, 2015

Good product. Works well

Dawn Null

 Apr 27, 2015

Great little house! Cats now love it. At first though, they wouldn't go through the plastic door. Once I binder clipped it up, there's always a cat in the house. I take it indoors and outdoors for our 19 year old kitty who needs warmth wherever he is. Considering buying a second for that reason.

Good Value

 Apr 25, 2015

Construction fairly light weight, but great price and value when purchased through Overstock.

Good value

 Apr 25, 2015

Construction fairly light weight, but great price and value when purchased through Overstock.


 Apr 23, 2015

Luke loves it. Easy to assemble.

Looks nice...not very big

 Apr 23, 2015

Roost not high enough in coop and we had to build another one so the chickens don't sleep in the nesting boxes. This coop is JUST big enough for 3 chickens. I wouldn't recommend this for a bigger flock and would suggest building a separate run if you plan on keeping them confined.

great little coop

 Apr 23, 2015

Not quite enough space for three chickens - would work for two, I think. Adding the matching outdoor run solved the issue for our brood.

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