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 Aug 30, 2015

The clothes...did I say the clothes....I loved the series so watching this is like lunch with old girlfriends. So much fun.

WOW 2015-various

 Aug 29, 2015

Love all the artists~ Great Songs, Extremely uplifting!

Mandisa-What if we were Real

 Aug 29, 2015

Love Mandisa! Awesome voice!

Mercyme-Welcome to the New

 Aug 29, 2015

Amazing Group! Very Blessed~

Great album

 Aug 28, 2015

loved this album, so many great songs. perfect!

Enigma music

 Aug 27, 2015

Very nice instrumental, special sounds and a female sensual voice. It is relaxing but at the same time very sensual. I love it!

You can't beat this!!

 Aug 27, 2015

Gave this to my romantic wife. She loves it!!

Great Soundtrack

 Aug 27, 2015

What a wonderful rendition by a talented cast!!

Great Soundtrack

 Aug 27, 2015

Just the recording of "The Parting Glass" makes this cd a great purchase!!

Gret Gift For My Wife

 Aug 27, 2015

My Wife is a tremendous fan of this great show.

I'm still singing

 Aug 27, 2015

As an Honorary Oompa Lumpa, I needed this dvd!!

Can't Stop Playing this CD

 Aug 26, 2015

Fall Out Boy does it again with songs both dance divas and head bangers can enjoy. High energy songs to keep the party started. Most will/have seen radio airplay. My teenage son and his friends ask for certain songs so I know they're hearing them on the web and airwaves. Only song not my favorite is American Psycho.


 Aug 25, 2015

Always like him, cd case came ok cause sometimes there broken

love this guy

 Aug 24, 2015

great cd, great songs. would highly recommend if you are a fan of his.

Anything Pearl Jam......

 Aug 24, 2015

is bound to exceed your expectations!

300 Hits - The 80s

 Aug 22, 2015

Oh what fun....Love love love this one...non-stop fun of my favorite buys on here yet!

70s The Collection CD Set

 Aug 22, 2015

Love it. Bring be back to high school days....lots of feel good music!


 Aug 21, 2015

Excellent. It's Bing. It's Christmas.

Melanie Ward

 Aug 21, 2015

I bought this for a client and he loved it.

As usual....

 Aug 20, 2015

How does one review a Rutter Collection? It it like getting a present. I sat down and listened to this lovely collection of a sample of the favorites. His harmonies are so rich and the melodies just soar. If you want to take a bit of time to give yourself a gift, just buy this CD and enjoy.

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