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 Sep 2, 2015

Sturdy, practical and functional. Excellent value for a must needed product after recent total knee replacement of both knees. Fits very well in tub area.

A little tall for me

 Sep 2, 2015

This lift chair is more fitting for someone a little taller than me. Something about the head rest is uncomfortable. It works well for my grandchildren.

Sue K

 Sep 1, 2015

I love this rollator!!! I walk much better with this than the conventional walker. I can't walk a long distance without resting and this fits my needs to a tee, especially at a busy doctor's office or where I know I may have to wait in line. I would recommend this for anyone that has mobility challenges or needs to sit and rest frequently.


 Sep 1, 2015

Bought this for my brother when Medicaid turned him down. He loves it and I am happy that he is safe and can get around to the pharmacy & store. Best price anywhere. Delivered very quickly.

Sick of crutches with a broken foot?

 Sep 1, 2015

This scooter is the best. I am 52 and the thought of crutches for 6-8 weeks (no weight allowed on right foot after surgery) was just too much to bare. I looked online and found this scooter. To rent would be $50/week - with Overstock - $*and it's NEW and MINE! Awesome deal, awesome scooter ! Thank you


 Sep 1, 2015

Ordered this for my husband. What a wonderful chair. I had looked at several stores and the quality and price did not compare. Delivered to my door. Free!!!! It is so classy looking and fits perfect in with my other leather furniture.

it ,will do as it say.

 Sep 1, 2015

my husband never used it, he passed away a few days after I rec. it but it worked perfectly after we assembled it, and my sister purchased it from me. nice chair.

Wheelchair user

 Aug 31, 2015

This chair is lightweight and perfect for a smaller Handicap person. My brother is small and only weighs 100 lbs. This wouldn't work for a person with large hips or heavy wieght


 Aug 31, 2015

It took me less than 10 minutes to open the box and assemble this chair. I can adjust the height easily. I am having knee replacement surgery and this was suggested for taking showers. I am very happy and pleased with the purchase.

Driver seat belt

 Aug 31, 2015

This belt works perfect for a thin and smaller person. Works just like a automobile seat belt.

Excellent purchase

 Aug 31, 2015

The Winnie Walker solves my carrying problems as well as helps balance me. I recommend it.


 Aug 31, 2015

PROS —Sturdy —Compacts easily —Hidden brake lines —Attractive design —Quality materials CONS —Heavy —Storage limited, inconveniently located —Less ideal for indoor use —Seat not entirely comfortable —Too much space between handles and brake release Even with my substantial list of cons, I could not give this rollator anything less than 4 stars. Yes, the Nitro DLX Euro Style Walker Rollator is a


 Aug 29, 2015

Quick delivery. Product looks nicer in person. As a disabled person, I depend on my cane to get around. This does not disappoint! Will definitely shop here again!

Not for all tile surfaces.

 Aug 28, 2015

The product booklet from Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing says that "the suction cups are specifically designed to adhere to any smooth, pore-tight surface without drilling!" The cups are huge and provide great adhesion if the shower tiles are perfectly smooth like a countertop. The product guidebook says to avoid grout lines but says nothing about bath tiles that are not perfectly smooth.

mobile granny

 Aug 28, 2015

Love this knee scooter! I feel so much more secure on this scooter than crutches or walker.. I am 67, female and about 30 pounds overweight.. Can't imagine 8 weeks of non-weight bearing without it. Basket comes in so handy because my hands are busy holding onto handles. No matter what type of knee scooter you purchase, make sure it has handle brakes like this one. It would be hazardous to use

Not thrilled

 Aug 26, 2015

The weight capacity on this chair is 450. I'm no where near that weight and I'm scared of this chair, It feels like the legs will cave in. The bottom piece broke from the very beginning and it's getting rusty.

Perfect Wheelchair

 Aug 26, 2015

This is perfect size for my mother who is small in stature, it's lightweight which is easy for me and easy to store, I would definitely recommend it.

Extremely sturdy seating

 Aug 25, 2015

I am very pleased with my purchase of this bench. It was extremely easy to assemble and adjust the height of the legs. I am using it in a stand-alone shower and I can see where it might be a bit large for some bathtubs.

Raised toilet seat

 Aug 25, 2015

I purchased this product for my aging mother. Overall it is a good value. It was easy to install and remove when guests came. Unfortunately, the opening is rather small and didn't suit our needs.

Great at first

 Aug 22, 2015

It broke several months after I got it. If you need really good support, look for something better.

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