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Just what I expected

 Aug 20, 2015

I needed a way to hide my litterbox and neaten up the room, this was my answer. It looks nice and is well made. I put it together myself no problem. The cats had no issues switching over to using the furniture vs their old plastic boxes. I have no complaints whatsoever.


 Aug 17, 2015

Love this very much...very practical and pretty

Cat wasn't sure

 Aug 15, 2015

The reviews that I read made it seem like my cat would take to it immediately. She didn't. I had to keep the old litter box near by for a little longer than I had hoped, but she finally gets it and it's a life saver. I hate litter boxes because they leave too much room for error. This one keeps everything contained. It's not decorative, but I don't care. I've tried benches and fake plants th

Cat Litter Box

 Aug 15, 2015

Stylish and private! Perfect for my cat.


 Aug 12, 2015



 Aug 12, 2015

This product exactly fit my needs. Assembly was easy. Took about an hour with one person. Looks great!

Works Well

 Aug 6, 2015

This is such a terrific way to hide the litter box and help contain some of the litter as well. And it fits just under our windowsill so the cats can sit on top of it and look outside, Fairly easy to put together. The only disappointment was I thought the lid on this one hinged and it doesn't, so you have to access the pan from the front 2 doors. One of our cats peed just outside the box and it st

Love it!!!

 Aug 1, 2015

I was looked at this from many places and found it here for less. It's perfect for my finicky cat. It fits in my office space and no one knows it's a litter box cause it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture. Easy to put together.

Decorative Litter Box Enclosure

 Jul 21, 2015

We love this litter box enclosure and so does our cat. The cat box stays in a playroom with our two children and we needed something that would prohibit our kids from playing with the litter. Needless to say, this litter box does a great job. It did take our cat about a week to get used to the new enclosure because her old box was slightly larger than this one.


 Jul 21, 2015

Doesn't seem to hold a great deal of liquid.

My dog hasn't used it.

 Jul 17, 2015

I guess it's good for the price. My dog hasn't used it but I don't think it's because of the product.

Litter Keeper

 Jul 15, 2015

I have a crazy cat that runs out of the litter box when he is done like he is escaping from Alcatraz; however, this still keeps all of his litter in the mat.


 Jul 8, 2015

I am very happy with this purchase. It was very easy to assemble and looks like a nice piece of furniture. Great buy

Best Ever!!

 Jul 7, 2015

We have tryed many mats over the years but this slightly sticky works great.


 Jul 4, 2015

Our dog loves this fake grass! Looks pretty authentic and is nice and plush, unlike the cheap turf!

Great product!

 Jul 2, 2015

Love this litter box cover. It looks very sleek, and I like that it's made out of some sort of plastic material so it will be easy to clean. I have a Breeze cat litter box, which is actually quite big, but it fits well in this enclosure if you force it in just a little bit. A great solution for someone living in a small house or apartment and doesn't have anywhere else to put the box. Love it!

Dog turf

 Jul 1, 2015

I love this dog turf work great for training our puppy.

Litter box cabinet

 Jun 23, 2015

Very nice. Easy to assemble. I have 3 cats and they all love it for some reason. I didn't think anyone would use it I was just hoping. Now it is the box that gets used the most. One of my cats enters thru the kitty door and likes to exit by pushing the side doors open. He is a real character.

Wonderful invention!

 Jun 19, 2015

I inherited my son's cat for Mother's Day (don't ask!). Because she intially was a stray, she was extremely skittish over every noise. The litter box result was that she occasionally over shot the box and there would be urine on the sides, on the floor and on the washer next to the box. Puppy pads helped but didn't fix the problem. I thought I would try this box. It is fantastic. She is usin

My cat loves his new box

 Jun 17, 2015

I bought this litter Loo too hide my cats litter box once I moved it out of my master bath to the bedroom. It looks like part of my bedroom set. Also I turn the opening to a side that my lab can not squeeze into, so I solved my problem with litter being spilled on the floor by my dogs bad habit. There is enough room for a regular size litter box.

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