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Spellbinding for the little ones!

 Dec 19, 2014

Friend had a restless, sleepless baby. I gave her one of these cute love bugs and now that little angel puts herself back to sleep watching the constellations. Has several color lights to choose from and covers the entire ceiling and walls....truly spellbinding.

lasted less then 30 seconds

 Dec 16, 2014

After 30 seconds of my 14 month old trying to lift the lid the device would loosen up and no hold. Its been under my sink sense.

Not really handy

 from Austin, TX,  Dec 16, 2014

Good, but for quick access it's not easy.but it's a good product...

Love this gate!

 from Seatte, WA,  Dec 13, 2014

We needed this gate to keep my 16 month old grandson out of the kitchen area. He can climb gates that have the cris-cross plastic, or a cross-bar, but he can't open this one! It is strong, sturdy, keeps the baby out but easy enough for his 9 yr old brother and his grandparents to open and close. Definitely recommend.

So cute

 from Kentucky,  Dec 10, 2014

I purchased this for my unborn this review may not be super reliable! The puppy is adorable and seems to be well made! Hopefully baby likes it come February!

Love the gate.

 from always in the garden,  Dec 7, 2014

Love the gate. It works perfectly to keep our dog on our deck. We needed the wide and tall model. The directions were not the best but with some study and carefully following the poor pictures we put it together with the included extensions. It's a great natch to our deck rails. It's sturdy and the door is fabulous for people to go through. Thanks!

Life Saver

 from Georgia,  Dec 6, 2014

Very good construction. This has been a life saver for two old grandparents who frequently keep an active toddler. The extra wide feature is difficult to find and this works perfectly for us in multiple locations. A good buy!

Excellent reception, ok video quality

 from TX,  Dec 4, 2014

We live in an old house where walls are built with 3/4" shiplap over framing, then drywall. We have problems with wifi signal despite we use a strong router and a booster. But no problems whatsoever with this baby monitor. It works at every point of our 4000sq f house, it even reaches outside - to the front and back yard with all four bars of signal. Quality of the picture could be better though.

Summer Infant Stylish N Secure Walk Thru Gate

 from Ft. Myers, FL,  Dec 4, 2014

We purchased the gates as doggy gates for our miniature dachshunds. Work beautifully, they stay in or out, whichever we wish, yet we still easily enter/exit ourselves!! Chihuahua's will fit through the bars, just so you have an idea of the bar spacing size. LOVE THEM!!

Poorly made

 from Wisconsin,  Dec 3, 2014

The plastic is cheaply made and the writing is faint. I would not give this pacifier to an infant. I used it as decoration on the baby gift instead of being part of the gift.


 from Wisconsin,  Dec 3, 2014

The plastic is cheap. I would not give it to a baby. Also, the writing is faint and looks cheap. It was going to be a gift. I ended up tying it with ribbons and using as wrapping decoration.

Sturdy and stylish gate

 from New Jersey,  Dec 3, 2014

The gate is exceptionally stylish and functional. It is easy to install and extra panels allow for mobility and flexibility if use,

Worked well until....

 from San Jose, CA,  Dec 2, 2014

I looked at MANY gates before deciding on this one. It worked great. We only had a stud in the wall on one side to drill it into. As a result it fell out of the wall after about 9 months of use. Still...we got 9 months of use out of it. It worked just fine until that point. By that time our son was old enough to safely use the stairs so it served it's purpose.

Discovery Lantern

 from Midlothian, Virginia,  Dec 2, 2014

Great children item, lantern is sturdy and lights well. Giving as a gift. Highly recommend.

Works Great!

 from Pioneer, CA,  Dec 2, 2014

Because I was gating off a wood stove I had to buy about 14ft of fencing. It is a very simple install and the sections pivot and move for easy configuring and floor cleaning,

Like the monitor. Wish it rotated better

 from Georgia,  Dec 2, 2014

The monitor is good. We like that it has dual screen since we have 2 kids. Only thing is that the screen won't rotate in the room. We used to have one that would and it was a lot more helpful.

Great gate!

 from Moorpark, CA,  Nov 30, 2014

This gates is awesome. Even your mechanical engineering degree proves unnecessary- as this gate is actually easy to install.

hearth gate

 from seattle, wa,  Nov 28, 2014

It'a little expensive, but is exactly what we needed. Very simple to put together and adjust. It does an OK job when freestanding, which is how we're using it. I didn't want to permanently attach it to the wall as this item is intended to be used, so I was happy to see it works reasonably well on its own. If your kid or dog really wanted in there, you'd want to mount to the wall though.

saving carpet

 from Ohio,  Nov 28, 2014

We have Yorkies,they like to get places they shouldn't and spouse and l disabled,so the gate is wonderful. Secures well. Looks good

Easy gate to use

 from Indiana,  Nov 24, 2014

I ordered two of these and they are great! Very easy to install! Had to step over my old ones or move them ! These are excellent and easy to open and no more marks on my walls!

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