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 Jun 11, 2015

I bought this set for my mother's birthday. When it arrived, it had been damaged in transit. Overstock's customer service was fantastic and they had another one sent immediately. It arrived perfect the second time. The set was beautiful. The blooms are absolutely amazing and the tea is very calming. I definitely recommend this product.

Not what I expected

 Jun 9, 2015

This product was made very well and it is sturdy. If it was what I wanted then I would be very saticified but I was looking for a tumbler that I could drink from. I would have to remove the glass top and then remove the strainer inside before taking a sip. Will have to return.


 May 27, 2015

tea was delicious love it

Great value

 May 19, 2015

I love this set! The tea pot is large enough to serve several people a few cups of tea. And the beautiful cups are a standard tea cup size, perfect for dainty sipping; however, the plates seemed a little large and heavy for the size and delicacy of the cups. The set also included a generous amount of delicious jasmine tea. Perfect set for any tea lover.

Great Tea

 Apr 27, 2015

I was leery of buying tea online like this. My worries were unfounded. The tea is excellent and I will be buying more.


 Apr 14, 2015

I have given 2 of these as gifts and both were very enjoyed!

Jasmine Tea is the best

 Mar 23, 2015

I bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loved it and wanted more so I ordered her more and some for myself. This is the best tea. I normally drink Green Tea but now drink this

Andy L

 Mar 1, 2015

These cookies are delicious. I found a box of them at a retail store after the holiday season in December. I had to have more so I placed an order at overstock.com. They are a hit with everyone I serve them to. Andy

Tea lover

 Jan 20, 2015

As a tea lover I really enjoy this pot because I can steep and it and keep it warm for a longer period of time. It is also beautiful and makes a nice presentation of your tea. You have hte option of removing the filter as well, so the tea does not get bitter and keep steeping. It comes with two lids: one for the tea pot lone and one for the tea pot with the filter.

Nicely packed, beautiful

 from Ohio,  Jan 14, 2015

I bought 2 of these for Christmas presents. They were packed beautifully. I didn't unwrap them before I gave them out. I was glad that even though they were very delicate, they were wrapped well.

Good product

 from Southern California,  Jan 10, 2015

I bought this as a gift for my sister. She was extremely happy with it. My favorite aspect is that the cup is constructed from glass, which is so important with hot drinks. I like that tea strainer can be used with other things, like mugs. It is also easy to clean. The only complaint is that it's so small. It only holds 15 oz of water while the one from ****** holds 20 oz and it isn't as pr

Tea Beyond Romeo Jasmine Tea Set

 from California,  Jan 7, 2015

This is a nice glass teapot. There are 3 pieces: the main teapot with molded handle, the lid, and the leaf holder. All are made of glass and the teapot doesn't feel too hot when handling it with boiling water while steeping tea. The product description says 17-ounce, I was able to put about 1 and a half cups of water to fill the teapot. That should help tell you the size of the teapot which is abo

great teapot

 Jan 6, 2015

Enjoy watching the tea bloom/brew then drinking it.

Looks Cute but it is small!

 Dec 19, 2014

The cups are so small they look like for dolls. This should have been in the description because it is very deceiving! It the set was larger it would be ideal!

Teapot Love!

 from Ogden, Ut,  Dec 15, 2014

I got this teapot for Christmas last year and am so in love with it that I bought one to give as a gift this year. The warmer as a little dip where a tea light sits and keeps the pot warm for a good hour or two and it just looks absolutely beautiful. I use my every day. I definitely recommend this to any tea or teapot lover.

Glass teapot

 from Columbus, OH,  Jul 16, 2014

I bought this as a gift and it was real received. My friends seemed very happy with it.

Great value and style!!!

 from PA,  Jul 13, 2014

I own this set for a while...The teapot offers great size for a small group of people to share one pot. I used this set for my church bible reading event. Received tons of compliments. The stainless steel strainer matched my silverware. Everything worked out very well. very pleased! When I don't host bible reading, I use this set with my family. We have the tradition of tea sipping in weekends;)

Thrilled with this set! Perfect tea time now!

 from MN,  Jul 3, 2014

Got this gift set for my B day! Was worried it would break easily...it's made of quite sturdy glass actually! impressed with the presentation. The teapot is large enough to hold 4-5 cups of tea. Good enough for me to go through the whole day! i love it comes with a tea warmer-it keeps my tea warm for hours. Very beautiful set!

Very elegant and cute sets!!!

 from CA,  Feb 10, 2014

For the money, it's absolutely worth it!! It's simple, easy to use, elegant! I sent to my friend who drinks a lot of tea with her sister. The two girls love it. it's easy to clean, small and very durable! Sometimes the tea leaves can get into the cups when pour, but that's fine. Just want something my friend can easily use and lasts. it meets my expectation. plus, the packaging is pretty!!

Very beautiful cute set for ONE!

 from OH,  Feb 3, 2014

Got this gift from a friend! Loved it! the teapot is cute and simple design! Non dripping is really great to have for people like me who always drink a lot of tea! My other teapots leave a lot of stains on my table. hard to clean. Finally I have this teapot that I don't need to clean up often. it's a one person size teapot. can make two cups of tea with the sets. it's wrapped with ribbons. ver

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