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I love my new GPS PT4.

 from Silicon Valley, California,  Nov 29, 2014

I spent one year researching yardage indicators for golf. In that year the best I found was the Golf Buddy PT4. I tested many at some of the large golf stores. I talked to many of my golfing partners who used different brands. After one year I chose to buy the PT4. The reasons are: 1) No annual fee, 2) It contains the courses I need, 3) Very user-friendly software for initialization and u


 from Michigan,  Oct 5, 2014

Very helpful item to have. I have never bothered to own a range finder but have found that with this item,my position too green is much more accurate in selecting the correct club for the job.I am concerned about the cover over the charge port.Design could be looked at for better wear.Since you have to charge for next days play,I can see the rubber tab could pull off with the wear factor.Will keep


 from Richmond, VA,  Aug 23, 2014

The PT 4 is an excellent GPS. It shows all targets on each hole. I've used it on very cloudy days without any problems. I tested the battery when I played 18 holes an in couple days played 18 more then recharged it. The large display is excellent and easy to see. The measurement from each angle is spot on. I would recommend the PT 4 to all levels of golfers.

terrific bargain

 from Florida,  Aug 20, 2014

lightweight, quality workmanship and once you download, course recognition and setup can be had with ease. I had a problem during download and used online access with vendor who quickly fixed my problem. Easy to read and will automatically reset for each hole. Buy with confidence.

More helpful than most caddies

 from Bloomfield, Nj,  Jul 25, 2014

At first glance I was a little concerned about the size which appears to be large in the picture. When it arrived I was pleased with the looks, comfort and the accuracy of the unit. It completely takes the guesswork out of the distance to the green. Unlike other golf gps units the Sky Caddy automatically adjusts the distance to the green with out pressing any buttons and waiting for the distance t

Great, especially for the vision impaired!

 from Summerfield, FL,  Jul 18, 2014

Great little device, proven to be as accurate as the handheld and wrist GPS's used by fellow players. Really an aid to those of us that normally use bifocal lens glasses & have a problem with viewing handhelds and wrist devices clearly when wearing distance vision glasses. Comes loaded with 30,000 courses, seems like it would even respond faster if it were possible to limit courses by country, st

Great performance, but too big.

 from Southern California,  Aug 9, 2013

I bought this unit to replace my V2. I really wanted something with slope and this point I decided to treat myself with the best product that I could find and I thought that this would be it. I read the reviews before I bought this and really focused more on the performance reviews than anything else. When I got this unit I was struck by the size, it is bigger than I hoped. I used it on the course

  • How accurate was the sizing? perfect
  • Please tell us about the quality of the product. great

Hard to use

 from Goodyear, AZ,  Aug 7, 2012

Takes awile to get use to how to read the information correctly

good gift

 from Coquille, OR,  Jan 12, 2012

This was purchased as a gift . The recipient seems to like it though, so far, he hasn't had much opportunity to use it.

  • How accurate was the sizing? na
  • Please tell us about the quality of the product. It seems to be of sturdy construction
  • Was the product free of any manufacturer defects? yes

You Get What you Pay For

 from Michigan,  Nov 6, 2011

There is a reason that Laser and GPS units cost what they do; they work. This device is a low magnification monocular, with measurement "grid" on the optical lens for "estimating " distances. Lot of work for very little accuracy.

optics golfscope

 from New Bern, NC,  Oct 15, 2011

The measuring bar inside the lens provides questionable range data. If you mounted this on a bipod it could possibly provide accurate data, but I can use my naked eye and get a closer range estimate than this scope provides.

  • How accurate was the sizing? good
  • Please tell us about the quality of the product. durable
  • Was the product free of any manufacturer defects? can't really tell


 from Roseburg, OR,  Sep 1, 2011

I was expecting a more accurate distance, the glass was off after 50 yards

  • How accurate was the sizing? sizing was correct
  • Please tell us about the quality of the product. I found the distance was incorrect after 50 yards
  • Was the product free of any manufacturer defects? Yes


 from MN,  Jul 29, 2011

You get what you pay for. This was ~$20, and didn't expect the world out of it. It has a very simplified distance gauge on the inside of the lens, essentially you line up the pin with the line inside the viewing scope, and you can "tell" how far you are away. It will basically tell you if you are 200 yards, 100 yards, 75 or 50 yards out. If you can't tell that on your own, then this might help

  • How accurate was the sizing? Size was as indicated
  • Please tell us about the quality of the product. You get what you pay for. This is nice to magnify distance, but hardly useful for actually telling distancewise how close/far you are from the pin.
  • Was the product free of any manufacturer defects? Yes

Great Price

 Feb 3, 2011

For the price, you cannot beat it. I find that it works well for me as a new golfer.


 from MA,  Jan 11, 2011

good price, functions well, after a little trial and error, will have to wait 'till spring to use it more often.


 from cape cod, MA,  Dec 29, 2010

I bought this for my son-in-law. He's hoping it will do wonders for his game.

Good bang for buck

 from Saint Paul, MN,  Nov 24, 2010

Small, simple and a good basic golf tool to have on the course for when you need a quick gauge of distance and nothing else is available to utilize for gauging distance.

It's okay

 Sep 15, 2010

As long as you are playing on a course with 7' tall flags, you will be fine. Just concentrate on light breathing when using it. However, once you go to an 8' flag course, all bets are off. I can't make it anywhere near accurate at 8' courses. The manual gives you some ridiculous formula to use.

Good Enough

 from Port St Lucie, Fl,  Jul 22, 2010

For the price this is worth every penny. Of course it depends on how much your hands shake. Very clear and the sun does not bother you. The yardage reading is close enough for a good golfer to choose what club he or she needs. Thanks for the help.


 from Shiloh, Illinois,  Oct 22, 2009

We have not used the product. Got it to late in the season.

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