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Golf Balls


 Apr 7, 2015

I buy these for my husband and son all the time. They are good quality golf balls.

Great Balls, Great Price

 Apr 7, 2015

Very nicely packaged and all balls were in good shape. Great for folks like me who tend to lose a few too many.

Good value

 Apr 7, 2015

They were very good quality. Nice and clean. Of course, there are golfer markings and company logos on some of the balls, but I expected that.

Duck Creek Mark

 Mar 31, 2015

balls were in very good shape

Great golf balls

 Mar 3, 2015

these item(s) were just as promised, arrived on time and great item(s)

fun gift

 Mar 1, 2015

gave them as a gift and they thought they were great!

Not what I was looking for

 Feb 18, 2015

Most of the balls were the NXT not the Extreme. I could have paid less and just ordered the NXT

4 yr golfer

 Feb 6, 2015

Some of the balls were older than expected, but overall, a good value for practice balls.


 Jan 30, 2015

I bought these because someone gave me a few and I really liked them. When people find them, they return them to me because they know they are mine. Kinda funny. I must say that after multiple rounds of golf, they do seem to get a little beat up more than most balls and start peeling. Not sure I would buy them again, but I really like them for a few rounds.

For my hubby

 Jan 22, 2015

One of his favorite golf balls.....price was excellent.

Great Balls!

 Jan 5, 2015

Purchased as a gift for an avid golfer whose preferred brand is Titleist. He's thrilled with these balls, and while he won't be changing his brand, I'm thrilled that he's happy with an option that didn't break the bank!

Golf Balls

 from Palmn,  Dec 16, 2014

Used golf balls! They completely mislead you as they present their product. I can not believe I fell for it!

Bridgestone E6 Used Golf Balls

 from Lake Wales, FL,  Dec 9, 2014

Several of the balls were seriously scuffed. I expected better quality.

Crystal Golf Balls

 from Lake Wales, FL,  Dec 9, 2014

To be honest I expected better quality golf balls. They were not bad; but a number of them were scuffed pretty bad. I have received better quality from other vendors.

(100) golf balls

 from AZ,  Dec 2, 2014

100 guaranteed in box but only 97 came in. (Yes I counted) should say "about 100" if 100 wont be sent.

golf balls

 from CT,  Dec 2, 2014

These golf balls were perfect, great product, I would highly recommend them to anyone


 from Walkertown,NC,  Nov 17, 2014

awesome product- description is extremely accurate

ProV1 golf balls

 from California,  Nov 6, 2014

Can't be 48 Prov's for *** bucks. As an avid golfer I know how pricey the game gets. Unless your a scratch golfer, save the cash and get recycled balls. Same feel as a brand new ProV at half the price.

What a Deal!!!

 from Maryland,  Oct 25, 2014

was pleasantly surprised when I received 2 net bags full of very good quality golf balls, there was NO blemishes of any kind and they looked like brand new ones. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for extra golf balls.

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