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Gave as a gift

 Jul 30, 2015

I have a friend that loves tink. She sure did love this puzzle. I however never saw it put together.

Fun little party game!

 Jul 29, 2015

I bought this for my wife as somewhat of a joke (I loved the name, and who doesn't like poking a little fun at their significant other?) but we really enjoyed playing. When she allows us to have guests over I think they enjoy it as well but it's usually through shifty eyes and nervous laughter as my wife wins pretty much every round. Mostly through fear of not wanting to best her but also because,

Fun game

 Jul 28, 2015

The quality of the construction of the game leaves something to be desired (sometimes the stand shifts and doesn't seem completely stable), but my son (7) and I had a good time playing. If popping balloons frighten your child, probably not the best game, but it was kind of fun to see how long it took to pop the balloon.


 Jul 24, 2015

Cute game, seems to be well made!


 Jul 24, 2015

Surprised me the small size of this product

Risk the game

 Jul 17, 2015

A very good game for kid and adults!

Nana Rose

 Jul 16, 2015

Have a 20 yr old. set . l purchased this as a gift. Did'nt get to to the quality. Perfect for children,adults, seniors game night,& groups.

Fun to play

 Jul 10, 2015

These throw pretty well could use a case


 Jul 4, 2015

For Great Grandson's 1st birthday ... might as well introduce him too America's greatest sport, base ball ... Went over well with parents ...


 Jul 3, 2015

Love puzzles and this one is a challenge.


 Jul 1, 2015

Exactly as ordered!! No complaints!!


 Jul 1, 2015

Exactly as ordered!! No complaints!!


 Jul 1, 2015

Exactly as ordered!! No complaints!!


 Jul 1, 2015

Exactly as ordered!! No complaints!!


 Jul 1, 2015

Exactly as ordered!! No complaints!!

Save your money

 Jun 25, 2015

hard to use, doesn't work properly

Not for little ones.

 Jun 23, 2015

I loved slinkies as a child so I bought one for my 2 and 1/2 year old grandson. It has, however, a sharp edge at the end and can pinch little fingers.

Good Quality

 Jun 18, 2015

The pieces fit together very well, no doubts when you find the right piece.

More than a clock...

 Jun 14, 2015

Our grandson was able to master the shape matching, we believe because of the numbers on the block, in about ten minutes. He loves to use the shaped blocks to build a "castle" as he calls it, too. Wonderful use of the classic toy.

Family fun

 Jun 13, 2015

Everyone should own this game, fun, fun, fun

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