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 Aug 29, 2015

My dogs love these bones and I don't have to hold them for them to use.

perfect way to hide pills

 Aug 28, 2015

My dog is very fussy with pills. These work great.

My dog loves these!!

 Aug 27, 2015

A little pricey, but my dog really loves them


 Aug 26, 2015

So happy with blue bufflo treats.

Love these treats

 Aug 26, 2015

I've never been desapionted in blue bufflo and the boys my dogs loved the tests I know what I'm buying and I trust the brand .

rawhide ring

 Aug 22, 2015

my dogs loved these. I should have bought more.

This broke as soon as I got it

 Aug 20, 2015

I put the food in this and the lid broke. Threw it away immediately.


 Aug 15, 2015


dog treat

 Aug 13, 2015

love these treats- great for avid chewers-last longer than most. great deal!

Goodies for Cats that are Good for Them

 Aug 13, 2015

These dental treats are also quite tasty, I'm guestimating, by how fast my felines scarfed them down - but I know it wasn't just a goody to assuage their constant hunger; it's also good for their teeth.

Dog played once

 Aug 9, 2015

it is what it is dog played once and didn't go back

Dogs love them

 Aug 3, 2015

Not their favorite but I'd say it's their second favorite. Great price here as well.

Doggie Love

 Aug 3, 2015

My dogs LOVE these chews. It's their favorite!


 Aug 3, 2015

My dogs did not care much for these. They drank a lot of water after eating them.

Think this one actually improves a pet's coat.

 Jul 1, 2015

I like the results of this when I examined my pets coats which are pliable and soft as silk; but I think I the taste department the cats have the final veto and they are voting "meh"........

Great until you need to stack it

 Jun 30, 2015

I purchased these, 8 in total, for our grain storage at the barn. As they were said to hold 65 pounds each, I was excited to organize the grain room. However, the structure of the container didn't support the weight, and they started sinking on each other. So I built a shelving unit where each storage container was supported separately. Not what I had been planning to have to do, but it does wo


 Jun 18, 2015

great buy!!! so many doggie biscuits my three dogs were in doggie heaven..

Ms. Karp

 Jun 18, 2015

Hated this product, my dog would not go near it


 Jun 2, 2015

I expected something larger for the price.

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