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Hope never have to use

 Apr 17, 2015

Put in top of closet with couple of flats of bottled water, etc.

AF Beef Chunks

 Apr 16, 2015

Great deal. I haven't tried them yet, but if they are anything like the chicken breast chunks, we will enjoy them.

AF Chicken Breast Chunks

 Apr 16, 2015

Great deal, especially for %100 chicken breast. Hydrates and cooks nicely. Great for soups, stews, casseroles, pastas, even tacos or fajitas.

Functional and lightweight

 Apr 15, 2015

This is a good thing to have around during high bug time. Slips on and adjusts very easily. Only wish the crown piece had a little spacer to fit between the head and the top of the hat. I'll make one myself, but it would be a nice simple feature to improve the gadget.

Great Emergency Food

 Apr 15, 2015

good useful emergency food, I bought three bucketss. Good for storms and general disasters, and excellent food storage. Reasonable price at Overstock.com.

Good Emergency food

 Apr 15, 2015

Great Emergency food, good for storms and natural disasters. Product is complete and tastes good. It was a good price at overstock.com.

My favorite low fat milk

 Apr 14, 2015

The price here is better than from the factory. I use this all the time. Mixing up a batch of milk is a lot easier that driving to the store and no needs to worry much about power outages. Much less calories.

Good long term storage if you get the right price

 Apr 14, 2015

I was able to get this 30-Day Pail for $** shipped. It's not always that price, but when you can get it for that price, I believe it is a good deal. The pail is well sealed and very heavy. I have not tried the food, because I'm storing it for emergencies. I especially appreciate the label giving the calorie count. Many food storage companies just list a number of servings without mention of t

For Everyday Use.

 Apr 14, 2015

Works great in my Yogurt maker. I reconstitute the milk crystals about 1.5 time the recommended amount to make a thicker yogurt.

Green Light

 Apr 10, 2015

I love the flashlight !! It's very bright and easy to use !!

Silas B.

 Apr 10, 2015

The product arrived on time and intact. None of the contents have been sampled at this time, so I cannot rate it at this time.


 Apr 9, 2015

Purchased for gift.........looks like a good product with variety

Emergency Food Supply

 Apr 9, 2015

Tough to grade, its in a sealed container, and I am not sure I want to break the "seal". I do understand that there is no measuring devices in the bucket.

Good for the price

 Apr 8, 2015

I really didn't know what to expect on these. But for the price, there OK. There not as bright as I expected, but again-I've never bought any cheap LED lights. Im using them for underneath the cupboards in my kitchen. Think they will do just fine.


 Apr 8, 2015

Great little unit, we purchased so we could have a shower at Deer Camp. We piped it up to the kitchen sink & shower plenty of hot water for both. I was amazed at how well it performed.


 Apr 8, 2015

Works great, fast charging for my electronics

Convenient and Useful

 Apr 7, 2015

This set-up is a GREAT idea. Along the lines of the straws, this one includes a water bottle. Its use is simple: fill the bottle with bad water and you can sip through the filter to have good water. It takes some doing to get the filter primed initially, and the flow of water is slow at times, but the concept and execution are pretty great. Also, if you want, you can forego the filter and use it

Emergency Essentials

 Apr 6, 2015

Has everything you might need for a minor emergency. The toilet lid is great if you have young ones. It's a great start up set....you will obviously want to add additional supplies but gives you a nice compact start.


 Apr 5, 2015

Great addition to my personal first aid kit!

Great for my daughter to use!

 Apr 3, 2015

My daughter loves to take my BP the old fashioned way. This works great.

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