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Emergency Preparedness Reviews

The latest reviews on Emergency Preparedness


 Nov 24, 2015

Filler provides great tasting water but bottle filler area only holds 4 oz. So you have to fill it a couple of times to get a full 8 oz. drink.


 Nov 24, 2015

Not worth the money. Too thin.

Good after fixing a problem

 Nov 22, 2015

Works good now,but had to open up and reconnect sensor hose,as it would shut off after a few seconds.I would hope the company could find a fix for this problem.

Handy but not awesome

 Nov 22, 2015

They are not that easy to crank (the handle is small), and eventually one of the cranks broke. The top handles come off easily and I lose them in my camping bag. That said, I have used them many times and it's nice that you don't need batteries. It just takes a lot of cranking to get the light to stay for a long time. The nice thing is the varying brightness levels, so you can choose how fast you

better safe than sorry!

 Nov 21, 2015

i love giving these to my loved ones to toss in their cars - over the years i have been surprised at how many have had to use various components from the jumper cables to the never know what could happen when driving...better safe than sorry!


 Nov 21, 2015

Received it great condition, Have not tried.

Not what I expected

 Nov 20, 2015

Bought this as a joke to give my sister for her upcoming road trip with her husband that hates stopping the car! I am unsure if she has ever had need to use it but we were surprised about how well made it is. It seems like it would do the trick in a pinch!


 Nov 19, 2015

Wonderful product, stays lit for hours.


 Nov 19, 2015

no need to use this yet, but probably a good thing to have

Peace of Mind

 Nov 19, 2015

I've packed this handy sack to use whenever I'm staying at a hotel, domestic or international, even if it's a high-end hotel. You never know if there could be bed bugs or spiders in the room. Using this sack gives me peace of mind that I won't wake up with bug bites.

We will never go hunting/fishing without it!

 Nov 19, 2015

Love, love, love my ThermaCells! We are a family of hunters/fishers and anyone who spends time in the woods or near a lake knows the mosquitos are everywhere. We keep two ThermaCells with us at all times and they really do work. Clip to the back of a chair, on your waders or even close to the ground to protect the dog. Easy to change pads and fuel cartridges...worth every penny!

Not Brand New, But Expected

 Nov 19, 2015

Looking at the expiration date on the can I realized that it was already about 4 years old. So I didn't get full shelf life. But this is an Overstock item. It can be expected that some of the things ordered will not be new stock.

Being Prepared

 Nov 18, 2015

The price seems right for the quantity of food in the perfect storage container. I hope we can enjoy it without experiencing an emergency. But if there is, we're one step closer to preparing for a disaster.

Ms. Grantland

 Nov 17, 2015

I absolutely love this! The water gets hot fast. I use one for my camp kitchen sink. The 2nd one I use for my camp shower. The propane bottles don't always fit snug so making sure the unit stays stable and does not fall over is important. I Mada a stand for both of mine.

Needed an extra container for big country eggs

 Nov 17, 2015

The term big was the problem. Some of them do not fit in the container & cannot close the top but is better than nothing,

OK, but not that bright

 Nov 17, 2015

It works well for limited use, but don't expect a lot of light to emanate from this lantern. It's not very bright. It's also noticeably plastic. Not the greatest material. I wouldn't have paid this much if I had handled it in person first. Otherwise, it does do its multi-function job adequately, so it's not a bust.

Great Product

 Nov 15, 2015

A wonderful product. The most delicious Instant Non Fat Dry Milk ever. I would most certainly recommend this product to my friends.

Silk sleep sack

 Nov 15, 2015

This sleep sack is very light to carry but also provides warmth. It is a bit tight for two people, a good thing or bad, depending:). It is well worth the expenditure.

Why Wait?

 Nov 15, 2015

I should have bought them sooner! When you need batteries for your flashlight and you haven't any well I won't have to worry anymore. Hopefully I won't need this anytime soon but I'm fully prepared!


 Nov 13, 2015

A good value from an industry leader. I researched this company.

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