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How to Winterize Your Windows

Whether you're experienced with winterizing or this is your first attempt at winterizing your windows, with these steps, you'll be able to complete the task. To begin winterizing your home's windows for the winter, you'll want to make sure you have your hand tools and materials on hand.

Winter Sports Buying Guide

Don't make winter an excuse to be become a shut-in. Winter sports are some of the most invigorating and fun activities out there. No matter what floats your boat, there are several winter sports to choose from. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and ice skating, there is a large variety of snow sports for every sports enthusiast. Use this winter sports buying guide to help you decide what ...

How to Eat Healthy Throughout the Winter

Eating healthy year-round is crucial, but it can be difficult as winter settles in. Learning how to eat healthy throughout the winter will not only make you feel great; it'll ensure that you look your best when swimsuit season rolls back around.

How to Choose Specialty Bedding For Winter

Sleeping in the winter can be a delightful experience if your bedding is keeping you warm and cozy. With just a few changes, you can make your bedding winter-ready. The right winter bedding should trap your body heat enough to keep you warm but remain breathable enough that you stay comfortable. Look below to learn how to choose specialty bedding for winter.
What Shoppers Are Saying

unexpected texture - a good thing

the rug is thin, typical of an indoor/outdoor rug. it's great for my mudroom - has good door clearance and easy clean up. It is also decently soft compared to the other plastic-y feeling rugs I've had that are the same function. Te texture in this one caught me a bit off guard - i was expecting a flat ...
myaccount1 March 24, 2014

Comfy&firm support. Smell wasn't issue

This is an entry-level foam mattress from what I've seen during my research. Being a first-time foam-only mattress customer, I had my reservations but for <$300 price rage, 8" and cooling gel, I decided to give it a try. Here's a list of what I wanted in this new mattress: 1. SUPPORT - Firm support ...
playnamz78 March 08, 2014

Lovely Curtains for My Living Room

This tab panel set was to complete others I had purchased on clearance at another retail store, and I'm so enamored with them! I was ready to change the look in my living room as well as provide heavier fabric for the winter weather. I had also purchased the matching valances from another website.They ...
firstgran March 16, 2014

very nice rug for the money

I got this rug for our foyer. It came rolled in the wrong direction so it took overnight for it to settle down and lay flat. Not that big of a problem though so I would not hesitate to recommend this rug to anyone. I would guess that this rug would cost much more in department stores and for $$$ through ...
muffinhowland December 01, 2011