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Which Fuel is Right for Your Coleman Stove

by Craig Blake

Glorious Coleman camp stove

Some of the most creative and delicious meals are cooked over a Coleman stove while camping. The last thing you want on a camping trip is to find out you brought the wrong camping stove for the job. The type of fuel a Coleman stove uses is very important to consider depending on the condition and climate of your destination. Every fuel has strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to take note of their uses before you choose the right camping stove for you.

Fuels for Coleman Stoves:

  1. Butane-propane mix: A camping stove that burns a butane-propane mix is an excellent choice for backpackers. The canisters are lightweight and easy to attach. On the other hand, butane-propane fueled Coleman stoves struggle in cold weather. In cold enough weather, butane-propane fuel will most likely not work at all, and the canisters are not recyclable.

  2. Coleman fuel: Coleman fuel, also known as white gas or camping fuel, is a very inexpensive, reliable way to fuel your Coleman camping stove. The fuel canisters are reusable and lightweight, and the fuel will burn well even at high altitudes and subzero temperatures. Coleman fuel is a great way to make sure your camping stove is ready at any moment. However, you will have to pump the canisters to ensure a continued flow from Coleman fuel canisters.

  3. Kerosene: Reliable, cheap and widely available, kerosene has long been the fuel of choice for many camping stoves. Although the increased availability of other fuels has made the use of kerosene decrease, it is still a good way to fuel your Coleman stove. Kerosene does have some downsides. It can be smoky and puts off a noticeable smell, but it will cook your food. Still, it is a dependable, classic way to fuel your Coleman camping stove.

  4. Powermax fuel: Powermax fuel is a Coleman exclusive high-performance butane-propane mix. It has all the advantages of other butane-propane mixes without many of their limitations. Where other similar mixes struggle in cold weather, Powermax fuel performs well in both cold conditions and high altitudes. The canisters are also recyclable and easy to attach and detach from your Coleman stove. The gas flow is reliable regardless of how much fuel is left in the canister. For a Coleman stove you can depend on in nearly any situation, a Powermax fuel-friendly camping stove is an excellent choice.

  5. Propane: Propane is a widely used and easily available fuel for camping stoves. These canisters are exceptionally easy to attach to your Coleman stove, and there is no pouring or pumping required. Propane is very reliable but isn't the best choice for low temperatures, and the canisters aren't generally suited for backpacking. Purchasing a large tank of propane to attach to your camping stove can be very cost-effective and works great if you plan to stay in the same spot.

  6. Unleaded gasoline: Some Coleman stoves have DuelFuel capability, so they are able to run on both Coleman fuel and unleaded gasoline. Gasoline is by far the cheapest type of fuel, and it is available at any gas station. DuelFuel Coleman stoves will last longer if Coleman fuel is used, but the ability to use gasoline adds welcome flexibility. In an emergency, you can siphon gas from your automobile to use in your camping stove.

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