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What to Know when Shopping for Princess-cut Engagement Rings

by Maegan Crandall

A beautiful princess-cut engagement ring in a champagne flute

A diamond engagement ring should make you feel like a princess, and a princess-cut ring is the perfect way to celebrate your romance in a regal fashion. A princess-cut diamond is square and has a lot of brilliance. Princess-cut engagement rings are neither too modern nor too old-fashioned; these rings strike the perfect balance and allow you to showcase your commitment in style. Princess-cut engagement rings are available in a range of styles, and these stones vary in quality, size and price. If princess-cut diamonds have caught your eye, use our facts to decide if this gem is right for your engagement ring.

Shopping for Princess-cut Engagement Rings:

  1. Rating systems for princess-cut diamonds vary from lab to lab. Many diamonds have a strict rating scale, but princess-cut diamonds are interpreted differently by different labs. The Accredited Gem Appraisers, the American Gem Society and the European Gem Laboratories grade princess diamonds strictly, but other appraisers and labs use a variety of criteria. Keep this in mind when looking for a high-quality princess-cut diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

  2. The princess cut is a modern diamond choice. Princess-cut rings have only been around since the 1960s, when princess diamonds were first designed. This makes the princess-cut diamond engagement ring an exciting and contemporary choice when shopping for diamond rings and wedding rings.

  3. Most princess-cut diamonds have the same number of facets as round brilliant diamonds. The round brilliant diamond ring is considered the standard when it comes to diamond engagement rings, with its 58 facets reflecting a lot of light. Many people don't know that most princess-cut diamonds also have 58 facets, giving princess-cut rings the same brilliance as round-brilliant diamond engagement rings. Some princess-cut diamonds in engagement rings have 49 facets instead of 58 facets, though this is more commonly found in vintage princess rings.

  4. Princess-cut diamonds utilize 80 percent of the original stone. This gives princess diamonds an advantage when it comes to price, since round-brilliant diamonds only employ about 50 percent of the original stone. This means you can get the same brilliance and beauty from a princess-cut diamond for less than a round-brilliant diamond of the same size.

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