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Wedding gifts are traditionally designed to help the happy couple set up their home together. Each couple also has a specific vision of their home in mind, too. A wedding registry lets you know not only what they need, but also exactly what they want and like. These tips will help you decide which popular wedding gifts to give the happy couple for their wedding.

Popular Registry Items:

  1. Dinner, glass, and flatware: These very traditional gifts are also very practical. Most couples will register for formal, semi-formal, and casual patterns to use for different occasions. Keep price range and formality in mind when you choose a gift. While a single place setting of formal china is an appropriate gift, you may want to get four or more place settings of casual dinnerware.

  2. Small appliances: A toaster may be the archetypal wedding gift, but it's something that the bride and groom will likely use every day together. If you want a gift that will go a long way without spending too much, look for toasters, hand mixers, blenders, and other small appliances to give as gifts.

  3. Cookware: Another popular gift, cookware is something that the bride and groom will get a lot of use out of. Cookware and cutlery sets make excellent gifts because they often have everything you need to cook a meal. Specialty cookware, such as woks, steamers, and roasting pans are also great gifts and are not typically included in sets.

  4. Linens: Setting up a home means setting up a space the bride and groom can live comfortably in. That's why sheets and towels are popular registry items. Plus, the couple will need more than one set of sheets and towels, so you don't have to worry about someone else giving them the same gift. Look for sets made of soft, quality fibers, like bamboo or Egyptian cotton.

  5. Decor: The couple will certainly want to make their home beautiful as well as comfortable. To help them make their house a home, look for decor items. Crystal vases and candlesticks are beautiful and timeless gifts that are fitting for the occasion. Photo frames are another popular gift, especially large frames the couple can use to display wedding photos.

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