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Washer Dryer Combo Quick Facts

by Chandler Warnick

Washer dryer combos are great for single-person homes

When you're tight on room but you want your own washer and dryer, a washer dryer combo may be a perfect solution. Washer dryer combinations are single machines that wash and dry your laundry. You simply put in your dirty clothes, select your cycle, and a while later, you will have clean, dry clothes that are ready for folding. Keep reading for a few quick facts about washer dryer combos.

Washer Dryer Combos:

  1. Washer dryer combos have one drum. The whole idea behind washer dryer combos is that they wash the clothes and then dry the clothes in the same drum, so you don't have to change your laundry from one machine to another.

  2. Washer dryer combos save space. Since they consist of only one machine instead of two, washer dryer combinations take up half the room of separate machines.

  3. Washer dryer combos use no air vent. Unlike traditional dryers, washer dryer combinations do not require an air vent, making them ideal for RVs or apartments.

  4. Washer dryer combos work well for small loads. The drums of washer dryer combinations are significantly smaller than drums of normal washers, making these machines a good choice if you're doing laundry for only one or two people.

  5. Washer dryer combos are mobile. Many washer dryer combos are mounted on wheels so you can wheel your washer dryer combo to a water source when you're doing laundry and wheel it back when you're done.

  6. Washer dryer combos are often Energy Star rated. Many, if not most, washer dryer combinations are Energy Star rated, meaning that they consume less electricity than standard washers and dryers.

  7. Washer dryer combos dry with steam. These machines use steam instead of straight heat to dry clothes. This method works well, especially since it doesn't require an air vent; however, clothes sometimes feel slightly damp at the end of a cycle.

  8. Washer dryer combos don't wash large volumes of laundry quickly. Since a washer dryer combination uses the same drum for washing and drying, you can't put a load into the wash while your first load is drying. This usually isn't a problem if you're doing laundry for one or two people.

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