Valentine's Day Gifts for Him



You love him for a hundred reasons, and you wish you could give him a hundred gifts to show him how you feel. This list will help you narrow that down to the best Valentine's Day gifts for him at any stage in your relationship.

Gifts for Your Crush:

You've hung out together a few times, maybe even gone on a date or two, but you aren't exclusive yet. Let him know you want him to be your Valentine with a gift that shows you are interested but doesn't come on too strong.

  1. Stylish winter accessories: Accessories like gloves and hats are simple, thoughtful gifts perfect for a burgeoning relationship.

  2. Sports memorabilia: If sports are an object of his affection, then impress him with an item of sports memorabilia celebrating his favorite team.

  3. Funny movies: He makes you laugh, so return the favor with one of his favorite comedies on DVD.

  4. Casino games: You have a blast when you're with him; give him a game to let him know how fun he is to be around.

  5. Sports equipment: New sports equipment lets him know that you know what he likes, and you will encourage him to keep being him, only better.

  6. Gourmet food: Any guy would love to get home to a basket of delicious treats or a gourmet dinner.


  1. A little flirting goes a long way, so don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money on your crush just yet.

Gifts for Your Boyfriend:

You're officially in a relationship, so your Valentine's gift can be more personal. You can still keep your gifts light-hearted, but gadgets and clothing are now good gift ideas.

  1. Breakfast drinks: A romantic Valentine's Day breakfast in bed wouldn't be complete without the perfect gourmet tea or coffee.

  2. Clothing: Get him some fashionable clothes, then go out on the town on Valentine's Day and show him off.

  3. Music: Give your boyfriend a CD of the newest release from his favorite band. If your guy is an audiophile, he will love getting his favorite albums on vinyl.

  4. Cigars and accessories: Is your guy an aficionado? Premium cigars, a humidor, or cigar accessories will make his day.

  5. Cuff links: If your guy has a distinctive sense of style, then cuff links are a fashionable gift he'll be grateful for.

  6. Video games: They may not be a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but you know what they say: "The couple that plays together stays together."


  1. Even the least romantic boyfriend appreciates a romantic gesture on Valentine's Day, but few guys like love-themed Valentine's gifts. Steer clear of the heart jewelry and roses and keep his gifts more masculine.

Gifts for Your Husband or Long-term Partner:

You've made a commitment to each other, and Valentine's Day is your chance to remind him that you want to be with him forever. Your gift can be as personal as you want while still reflecting the relationship you have built together.

  1. MP3 player: Guys love gadgets. Get him a new MP3 player and you can load it with "your" song.

  2. Watches: Surprise him with a wrist watch that will remind him of you whenever he checks the time.

  3. Wine: Toast to a romantic Valentine's Day with a wine of the month club subscription and a new set of wine glasses.

  4. Massage products: Nothing says "I care about you" like a neck rub -- except maybe a full-body massage. Indulge in massage products for a relaxing Valentines holiday.

  5. GPS: Does he love to travel? Get him a GPS navigation system. He'll love never having to ask for directions again, and you can pre-program a romantic destination for the two of you to go.

  6. Luxury bedding: Any man will appreciate a comfortable bed with luxury bedding, and it's even more important when it's the bed you two share.


  1. When you've been giving gifts to each other for years, it can be easy to get into a Valentine's Day rut. It may be tempting to just be practical, but your Valentine's gift should remind you both of why you fell in love in the first place.

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