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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her


You want to find the perfect gift for her, but you may feel clueless about how to make her Valentine's Day special. You don't need to worry because here are the best Valentine's Day gift ideas, no matter what stage your relationship is in.

Gifts for Your Crush:

Your heart skips a beat every time she's around, and you want to let her know you think she's special. If she isn't expecting a Valentine's Day gift from you, just the surprise will be a gift on its own, but you can reveal your feelings with a token of your affection.

  1. A romantic movie on DVD: Jumpstart the fireworks with a classic romantic movie that you can watch together and that she can add to her DVD collection.

  2. A bouquet of flowers: Valentine's Day flowers make a classic gift and are appreciated by almost every woman and girl. Read about the meanings of different rose colors if you're not sure which will send the right message.

  3. A sweet treat: Chocolates are the way to many women's hearts. When you give her something sweet, it lets her know how sweet she is to you.

  4. Cashmere: A luxurious cashmere scarf will warm her up in the chilly February weather.

  5. A brand-new bag: A woman with style will know you're serious when you give her a handbag as a Valentine's gift.


  1. The sparkle of diamonds may remind you of the sparks you feel around her, but you may want to wait until you know how she feels before you invest in fine jewelry.

Gifts for Your Girlfriend:

She's your one-and-only now, and things just keep heating up. Your Valentine's Day gift can be more personal, so choose something that suits her individuality.

  1. Heart jewelry: The traditional symbol of love will let her know how you feel on Valentine's Day. You can choose heart jewelry that fits her style: gold, silver, diamond covered, or decorated with pearls.

  2. Roses: Rose bouquets are a Valentine's Day classic. A single dozen will make her day, but two dozen will really impress her.

  3. A weekend getaway: For women who aren't into the classics, a romantic weekend is the new ultimate Valentine's Day gift. Sweeten the surprise with new luggage to take with you.

  4. A camera: She'll love taking photos of the two of you with a new digital camera. For bonus points, give her a pink or red camera!

  5. Her favorite fragrance: Perfume will let her know how much you love being close to her.

  6. A wrist watch: She'll think of you whenever she checks the time when you give her a watch.


  1. If she's an unconventional woman, you don't have to give her a traditional gift. Acknowledge her uniqueness with a Valentine's gift as special as she is.

Gifts for Your Wife or Long-Term Partner:

Your blissful union has been made official, and Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate your life together. Your Valentine's gift for her should let her know how much you appreciate her sticking by your side through good times and bad.

  1. A basket full of gifts: Shower her with gifts by choosing a Valentine's Day gift basket. You know her best: Would she prefer a chocolate gift basket or a bath gift basket?

  2. Diamonds: Let her know she's as precious as diamonds with diamond jewelry. Read our guide on the best diamond earrings to give for Valentine's Day to narrow down yoru choices.

  3. A loveseat: It's right there in the name. A loveseat gives her another reason to snuggle up close to you.

  4. A little something sexy: Lingerie can be a Valentine's gift for the both of you if you choose something in her style or favorite color.

  5. A bedding upgrade: Cuddle up with your sweetheart in cozy new down bedding.


  1. Unless you know it's something she really wants, Valentine's Day probably isn't the time to give her new appliances. This is a time for romance, not practicality.

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Updated February 13, 2015