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Trends in Energy-efficient Washers

by Chandler Warnick

An attractive energy-efficient washer and dryer combination

Most current innovations in the world of home appliances relate to efficiency, and clothes washers are no exception. The latest and greatest clothes washing machines are finding new ways to keep your clothes clean while using less electricity and less water than past clothes washers. This is good news, especially since your washing machine is one of the most energy-consumptive large appliances you own. Keep reading to find out some of the latest methods washing machine manufacturers are using to make your washer more efficient.

Energy-efficient Washer Trends:

  1. Front-loading washers: Front-loading washers have been standard washers at laundromats for years and years, but only recently have they become a popular in homes. Front-loading washers use less water than top loaders, which can save quite a bit of money considering washing machines account for roughly one-fifth of your monthly water bill. Also, since clothes in a front-loading washer fall each time the drum turns over, front loaders don't need an agitator to clean clothes, which means they use less energy than top-loading washers.

  2. Washers with load sensors: Another recent innovation that is becoming more and more popular is the use of load sensors in washing machines. For years, washing machines have allowed you to select a load size so you don't use more water than necessary. However, many people forget to change the setting or aren't sure whether their load is medium or small, making selecting a load size a tricky process. Today, some energy-efficient washing machines have load sensors that automatically determine the size of a laundry load based on its weight, which can save you a lot of money in water costs.

  3. Energy Star certified washers: The Energy Star program is a government-sponsored program designed to encourage manufacturers to produce appliances and other electronic products that use less electricity than standard models of the same product. Energy Star rated washers usually feature a blue Energy Star logo, and most manufacturers go out of their way to indicate that a given washing machine is Energy Star certified. Energy Star certified washers use roughly 30 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than typical washing machines.

  4. Steam washers: Whereas regular washing machines use hot or cold water to wash clothes, steam washers fill the washing drum with -- you guessed it -- lots of steam. Steam washers are better at removing stains than regular washers and also use less water than normal washers, making them an excellent choice if you want an energy-efficient clothes washing machine that doesn't skimp on performance.

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