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Travel Accessories Buying Guide

by Bridger Winegar

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If your checklist of must-have travel accessories is limited to a tiny tube of toothpaste and an extra pair of socks, it may be time to take a better look at your options. Travel can be rewarding, refreshing and fun, but having the correct luggage and travel accessories at your disposal will take your trips to another level. This travel accessories buying guide will assist you in figuring out how to buy travel accessories that will help you get where you're going and allow you to enjoy yourself once you get there.

Buying Travel Accessories:

  1. Turn it on with power adapters: The first travel accessories that spring to mind when you are leaving the country are power adapters. If sorting out those mysterious foreign wall outlets seems confusing, don't fret; you're not alone. Fortunately, power adapters and universal power adapters make the process of getting power while you're away easier. Throughout the world, you can find an assortment of varying outlets -- and there are even a few countries that lack a uniform standard. The most common of these variations are Type A and Type C, used in North America, and Types C, E, and F, used primarily in Europe. When buying plug adapter kits, make sure to check which countries and outlet types they have matches for.

  2. Protect yourself with travel wallets and passport cases: No matter where you are, protecting your money and identity is crucial. This fact is only amplified as you travel, because losing your funds or passport while in a foreign land can bring even the best vacations to a halt. Ensure that your cash, credit cards and checks are safe with a high-quality travel wallet. A case for your passport is also a must; having your passport with you at all times will help you with identification in situations such as airport customs.

  3. Fanny pack it: A great way to keep your valuables close and safe is to utilize a fanny pack. Fanny packs can carry your wallet and passport, among other things. Plus, unlike a purse or handbag, a fanny pack doesn't leave your body, meaning you can avoid the panic of rushing around as you search for a lost bag. Fanny bags are produced in a wide range of materials, designs and colors, so find one that suits your style and rest easy while you travel.

  4. Put the "rest" in rest and relaxation: Too often, a long plane ride can suck the energy out of you before you even reach your destination. Keep exhaustion from ruining your vacation by getting proper rest while you travel. Getting terrific sleep on an airplane isn't impossible; you just need the right tools. Think about a neck pillow to increase the comfort of your chair. There are two basic types of neck pillows: inflatable and plush-filled. An inflatable pillow allows for increased portability, as you can deflate and fold it when you land. If you aren't as concerned about the space-saving characteristics of inflatable neck pillows, plush-filled neck pillows provide a softer touch and more comfort.

  5. Packing tools: What you pack and how you pack it can make or break a vacation. Use packing tools to ensure you get everything you need into your luggage.

  6. Many people struggle to fit everything into their suitcases, but that headache is a thing of the past with compression bags. These travel accessories use vacuum technology to squeeze your clothes and other items into compact, portable bags, meaning you'll be able to pack everything you want and need for your travel.

  7. Weigh in with luggage scales: As airlines raise prices on baggage weight, it's a smart idea to pack a luggage scale. These packing tools allow you to weigh your luggage wherever you find yourself, so you can avoid costly overweight luggage fees.

  8. Tag your luggage: Luggage tags are another important part of packing. When traveling by plane, especially when multiple connections are involved, having durable luggage clearly marked with a set of tags is strongly suggested. If your belongings get misplaced during your trip, luggage tags will increase the chances of them being returned to you.

  9. Get fresh with toiletry bags: Part of the fun of road trips is the unexpected elements that crop up. At the same time, the spontaneity of being on the open road can mean not knowing where you'll need to brush your teeth or remove your makeup, among other things. Prepare yourself for anything with cosmetic and toiletry bags. These handy travel accessories will allow you to carry everything from contact lens cases to tweezers, as well as medical aids such as painkillers and bandages. If your trip involves getting dressed up for dinners or other special occasions, a large hanging toiletry bag can eliminate countertop clutter and make finding your cosmetics and hygiene items simpler. Don't fear the open road: With toiletry bags, freshening up is a portable possibility.

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