For the outdoor enthusiasts on your Christmas list, be sure to check out the latest outdoor gadgets

Top Outdoor Gadgets for Christmas 2014

Just because you are enjoying the great outdoors does not mean you have to abandon the comforts of modern living. Thanks to outdoor gadgets and electronics, you can keep connected even when you are far away from home. For the outdoor enthusiasts on your Christmas list, be sure to check out these outdoor gadgets.

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Stay Connected

Whether you are going for a short day hike or week long backpacking adventure, knowing where you are at all times is important. Staying connected to a map is easy with a handheld GPS system. A GPS stays connected through satellite and will work where your smart phone and cell signals can't reach. Keeping a GPS close by keeps you on the trail and will help you always get back to camp.
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Capture Some Memories

The outdoors provides beauty and adventure that is unmatched. Re-live your adventures through HD film and photos. For those who love extreme outdoor sports, try giving a durable, action camcorder. Waterproof cameras let you take pictures and make videos without worrying about your gear getting wet. Helmet cameras, like the Drift HD Ghost or GoPro HERO3, will take the fun even further by giving you the first-person perspective every step of the way.

Portable Power

When it's time to recharge your gadgets, a power supply can be hard to find. Every outdoor enthusiast should have a reliable battery charger for their cameras, phones, or GPS navigation systems. Solar charging kits, like the Nomad from Goal Zero, have multiple USB connections to charge everything you need to keep the lights on. Simply charge the solar panels during the day and recharge your portable devices at night.

Low-Tech Gadgets

For a more traditional camping experience, try giving some classic outdoor gear that won't require batteries. Things like pocket knives, compasses, and camping chairs always make great gifts for Christmas. For the ultimate outdoor gift, get a new hiking backpack and fill it with all of your favorite camping supplies.

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